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Drug Addiction Is Not the Only Problem and Cause Of One's Lack Luster Life, Or Sad Lifestyle. Most Times There Is Another Cause Called Your Mindset.=== Your Thoughts Become Your Actions and Your Life. Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, It's Proven and True. You Want Money, Health, Relationships, Wisdom or Anything Else; it's Yours.=== I Am Not Kidding, Just Change Your Mindset and You Will See Your Life Transpire into the Life You Always Dreamed of Having.=== Everyone Can Have Everything They Want Out of Life, Instead of Accepting the Life They Are Unhappy With.=== This Works For Addicts and Non Addicts, the Concept Is the Same. =========Why Dream About Life, When You CAN Live Your Dreams? Take A little Action, Start Right Now. Make It Happen, Today. CLick and Check It Out. Get the Life You Always Wanted.***

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ike Is Back In Jail. We Don't Know Why. He Seldom Stops Watching TV and Internet and Playing Games Since He Got Out. So Can't Imagine How He Got In Any Trouble. He Is 34 Years Old and Does't Want To Work, Just Wants To Play. Always Lives Off Of Other People To Support Him. Not Sure How Long He Is In For This Time. Of Course He Took My Phone Again. Cops Don't Want To Give It Back Again. Last Time He Took the Phone, the Police Said It Wasn't At the Station. Of Course It Was and They Kept It 45 Days, So Had To Buy a New One. So This Time Had To Switch the Number To Another Phone, As Ike Won't Sign Papers To Release Phone To Us. Ike Seems To Have Some Type Of Obsessive Phone Attachment To Phones When There On and Even When The Phone is Turned Off. Ike Lives With A Phone On Him Always and Can't Part With One. Odd I Know, But That's the Way It Is. In the Past His Live Was That Of a Heroin Addict and Crime. Well, I Will Let You Know When I Have More Information On This Story. ====================================================================================================================== Myron Got Out Of Jail Last Friday With A Chip On His Shoulder and a Real Attitude. He Said He Wanted To Work, Then Stood Around All Day and Did Nothing and Got Paid. We Had A Clash Of Words and He Left. Myron Lives Free Up Over the Church, Everything Provided For Him. Never Supported Himself and In the Past All Money Was Spent On Drugs, Heroin. He Is 30 Years Old. His Entire Life Was Of Crime and Heroin Addiction Abuse. I Will Continue With the Story As Things Progress. Check Back Into the World Of Heroin Addiction and How It Effects Peoples Lives and Those Around Them.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I Have Been Told That Myron Rats Out His Dealers and People Taking Drugs and Tells On Everyone To the Police and That's How He Get's A Lighter Sentence. That Really Does Not Sound Like A Safe Thing To Be Doing, But Then It's His Life. Unlike His Friend Ike Who Is Grumpy and Acts Like A Spoiled Child. Myron Has A Great Personality To the Point No One Would Ever Believe That He Would Rat and Tell the Cops On Anyone. Myron Acts like He Is Everyone's Best Buddy, and Everyone Thinks He Is Their Friend. When Actually Myron Appears To Be Jealous Of Others and Does What He Can Behind the Scenes To Destroy Them. Myron Is A Smart Young Man Just Turned 30 years Old. Very Criminal Minded, and Always Back On Heroin Within 72 Hours Of Jail Release Every Time. ======= Myron Needs To Think About His Life, He Could End Up In Prison. I Mean Is Heroin Worth It ? Is Crime Worth It ? Is Anything Worth Spending Years In Prison ? It Can All Be Avoided, the Choice Is His, Let's See If He Has Learned His Lesson. Myron Told Another Inmate, He Is Not Giving Up His Heroin and Crime Lifestyle. Well, Then If That Happens, Myron's Freedom Could Be Snatched From Him With A Prison Sentence. I Mean How Many Times Is the System Going To Continue To Look the other Way and let Myron Off ? Maybe This Is It For Him, He Might Want To Think Twice About His Future : That Is If he Intends To Have One. I May Be Talking To Him This Sunday Or Monday To Hear What's On His Mind. Please Check Back, See If This Guy Is Going To Tow the Line and Get Real With His Life, Or Slip Back Into Darkness.
Ike Is Working About One Half Hour A Day 3 To 4 Days A Week. Yep That's It, and That's All They Can Get Out Of Him Right Now. Trying To Condition Ike To Work, Almost Seems To Be A Bigger Hurdle Then It Was To Get Him Off the Dope and Crime. So We Will See How It Goes. ===================== Myron, Another Heroin Addict Get's Out Of Jail This Saturday. We Will See If Myron Get's Ike Back On Heroin and Crime Spree's. Myron, Who Has No Intention Of Giving Up Drugs or Crime to Pay For the Habit. Myron Seems To Thrive By Getting People Back On Drugs and Crime, Quite the Leader. Myron Will Work but Will Not Support Himself and Leaves That To Everyone Else As Their Problem. Myron Will Not Support His 2 year Old Daughter Or See Her. Of Course Ike and Myron Are Friends. ===========How These Guys Keep Getting Out Of Jail In Such A Short Period Of Time and Off the Hook, No One Really Knows As They Are Already On Probation When They Get Arrested For Theft. Over and over It Keeps Happening. Heroin, Theft, Jail. Although Most Of the Time They Don't Even Get Caught For Most Of What They Do, As It's Gone On For Many Years. =============== I Will Continue To Write the Story as It Unfolds. I Can't help But Wonder When All Their Lucky Breaks Will End. At Which Point, They Themselves Will Need To Comes To Terms With Who They Are and What They do. ======= I Now Know These Two Well and They Are Always Entertaining Themselves With Pleasure in One Form or Another. Any Type Of Responsibility Is Not In There Mindset, At Least At This Time. What Will the Future Hold For Them? ======= The Other 7 Addicts, 6 Are In Jail and 1 Is Hiding Out Somewhere. As More Information Comes In, I Will Post It On My Blog. The World Of Heroin Is Not A Pretty Place. Please keep That In Mind, It's Simply Not Worth It. Could Be A Wild Week End Coming Up. Time Will Tell.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Off the Dope, Out Of jail Trying To Learn How To Build A Life. This Addict, I'll Call Him Ike, Now In His Middle 30's. He Was Off Drugs and Worked About 2 Months In His Entire Life Many Years Ago. This Will Be A Whole New Path To Living A Normal Life, Not An Easy Task For Someone Who Never Really Tried To Have A Real Future. Very Lucky Not To Be Dead From All the Times He Overdosed and Got Saved. Has Had many breaks From Lot's Of People. So This Time It May Be Do Or Die As All the Crime Is Getting In The Way Of His Life. Still On Probation and Expected To Comply, Ike Will Be Doing A Little Work This Week With Very Few Hours/ Just To Help Pay For His Needs. This Will Continue To Be Taken Care Of For Ike, As Handing Him Money Right Now Might Not Work Out. He Agrees. Counting Ike's Jail Time, He Has Been Not Using For A Total Of 63 Days. Ike Does Seem Some What Lost As Ike Has Done Crime and Not Use to Paying For Anything. So i Will Let You Know How It Goes. ===================== Another Addict, I'll Call Him Myron, Get's Out the 26'th Of This month. Myron Is A Leader, Say's He Will Never Quit Heroin and Commits Crime to Pay For the habit. So We Will See What's Happens With Him, I Will Let You Know.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Addict Stopping Heroin Addiction, and Crime. The Story Continues as One of the Addicts Released From Jail and on Probation Given Another Chance, One of Many. Here Is What's Going on in His Life. He is Not Using Heroin.----He is Not Doing Crime. ---- But, Also == He is Not Working ---- He is Not Looking For Work. ---- He is Not Taking Up any Hobbies. ---- He is Not Doing Anything Productive With His Time. ---- He is Not Appreciative of Anything Freely Offered. ---- He is Not Being Helpful in any Way to anyone. ================= He Is Getting A Free Place to Stay, Free Meals, His Laundry Done, Free Cigarettes, Free Internet, Free Movies and Music and use of a Cell Phone, and Being Driven Around In a Van For His Drug Testing and anywhere else He Needs to Go. This is By People Who Took Him In, Not the System or Friends or Relatives. The System Put him Out of Jail at Midnight a Couple of Weeks Ago. Ok, So the First Week, He would Get Mad When ever He Was Ask To Help Out Around the House. His Reaction Was To Throw Fits and Throw Things. He Stopped That When He Almost Got Thrown to the Curb ( meaning ask to leave)========= Now He Has Settled In, Doing Nothing To Help Out, Getting His Meals Served in His Room ( he does't cook or do dishes) , Seems To Have Settled In and Is Quite Content. This is a Decent Family Helping Him, and Are Hoping That Sometime In the Future He Will Have Some Input In Adjusting To A More Productive Life. He Has Been Taken Out To Ponderosa For Dinner and Not Even a Thank You From Him. ---- This Do Nothing, Getting Supported Has Always Been His Life. This Is the Way He Has Been Conditioned, So He Knows No Other Life. I Will Give Future Update On What Happens In His Life. Check Back on This Blog For More Stories About Him and the Other 8 Heroin Addicts as Information Becomes Available. .

Sunday, September 23, 2012

___ The way to have PERMANENT freedom ___ from alcohol and drugs requires only three things: ___(1) A way to successfully (and as painlessly as possible) get through withdrawal. But first: ___(2) An inner experience that is independently strong and has no weaknesses and consists primarily of good feelings and not bad ones ___(3) A way to view life that automatically and easily creates a life and feeling of deep fulfillment, inner strength and great purpose.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Kicking Heroin Addition, After Jail time. One of the Addicts is Out of Jail and on Probation, He has to Take Drug testing Every Week. If He Fails a Drug Test, It's Back to Jail and Maybe Prison Time. So It's Very Important For Him to Stay off the Dope, or Spend Years in Confinement, Giving Up His Freedom. He Has served Jail time Many Times in the Past and Just Didn't Want to Change His Lifestyle. That Mindset Has Now Changed. Say's He is Done With This Type of Living. Near His middle 30's, Wants to End Heroin Addiction. Putting His Best Foot Forward, With Extreme Motivation, He Really Seems to Be headed in the Right Direction This Time. See's That There are Many Hurdles to Climb, But Totally Determined to Succeed and Break Free of Heroin Addiction Once and For All. Never Having Lived a Normal Life, By Working and Supporting Himself. Never Having to Think About Much of Anything as He Stay Stoned on Drugs Mostly. Never Doing Much of Any Type of Activity, Even For Pleasure. Just Laying Around All the Time So Totally Doped Up, Never Really Living Life in General. All This Considered, Sounds Like Giving Up Drugs Could Be Easier Than Learning to Live and Function in Life; Having Never Done it in the Past. Almost Like Learning to Walk For the First Time, Then Run, So on and So Forth. Like a Child in School. He Knows He Has a Lot to Overcome, But at Least is More Than Willing to Give it His Best Shot. Released From Jail at Midnight and Homeless, Someone Has Taken Him In, not a Family Member or a Friend. I Am Happy For Him and So Hope He Makes It Out of the Day to Day Nightmare of His Past. I Will Update Information as it Becomes available. Check Back on this Blog About All 9 Heroin Addicts to See How Their Lives Progress in the Future. So Far One of the Others is Working 4 Days a Week. One is Hiding Out, The Rest Are in Jail For Now. There's Unrest and Drama in These Stories, The World of Heroin Addiction is Not A Pretty Place.

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Do you or someone you know have an addiction problem? Instead of thinking of yourself as “recovering” would you like to end a problem with alcohol, drugs or any other addiction once and for all? “Addiction Free Forever” is a proven method that just doesn’t deal with the weeds of addiction, but rather it pulls them out by the roots. Not only that, but in that process you also end up creating a great life for yourself (satisfying and inspiring).==================================== Is alcohol, drug use or other addictions, (like pornography, gambling, food, smoking) badly affecting your life or someone's life who you care about? The Addiction Free Forever Program is the only program that GUARANTEES to show how to PERMANENTLY END an alcohol or drug problem or any addiction and have a deeply fulfilling life NATURALLY and is INEXPENSIVE! It costs less than one visit to a psychologist and is AT-HOME, not requiring any visits to an expensive rehab center. You can be an EX, not a "recovering." Over 2000 people have already been helped, including suicides prevented. This program has a "better-than-risk-free guarantee" in that it has a full money-back guarantee plus you will be able to keep the bonuses. (But I've never heard of this program failing, and I've sold over 2000 of them. Instead I've received many emails of great success. See the quotes throughout this web page.) "I was severely addicted to alcohol and cocaine. I'd tried everything I could find, including AA and Narc-Anon. But it wasn't until I followed the Addiction Free Forever program that I finally experienced an inner strength that allowed me to conquer my addiction problem." Quote from a pilot for a major airline who flunked his drug test "The Addiction Free Forever program is the best program I've seen in all my years of working with addiction. In fact it is the ONLY way that I've seen to be able to bring a permanent end to addiction. AFF is as close to perfection as perfection can be in the 'world' of addicton! It has the power to bring addiction to an abrupt and permanent end for anyone choosing to get their life back and move forward. As a former nurse, interventionist and addictions life coach, with a history of working three decades in the medical field, it is a great day to wake up knowing that the Goliath of Addiction is being taken down in the Spirit of David. When my own dream crossed paths with Dennis' a few short years ago, I knew that the end to a seemingly hopeless road would soon be met with hope & healing!” Diane Perkins The way to have PERMANENT freedom from alcohol and drugs requires only three things: (1) A way to successfully (and as painlessly as possible) get through withdrawal. But first: (2) An inner experience that is independently strong and has no weaknesses and consists primarily of good feelings and not bad ones (3) A way to view life that automatically and easily creates a life and feeling of deep fulfillment, inner strength and great purpose. The Addiction Free Forever program shows how to do all 3 of these things and guides you through the process. And when these three things are accomplished, alcohol and drugs are experienced as too harsh and therefore aren't desired or considered anymore. Do you or someone you know have an addiction problem? Instead of thinking of yourself as “recovering” would you like to end a problem with alcohol, drugs or any other addiction once and for all? “Addiction Free Forever” is a proven method that just doesn’t deal with the weeds of addiction, but rather it pulls them out by the roots. Not only that, but in that process you also end up creating a great life for yourself (satisfying and inspiring).======================================================= As an EX-alcoholic and EX-drug user. ========= As a former member of some top name bands, including Sly and the Family Stone, I've lived and worked around a lot of drug and alcohol use and abuse. For many years I regularly used drugs and alcohol. At first I did so out of curiosity and peer pressure and a desire for fun. Then later it was to fit in with my peers, and to try to elevate my moods and escape my inner and outer problems and (perceived or real) personal deficiencies. And after a while it became a bad habit. But that approach to life ruined my marriage and nearly cost me my sanity. For many years I went from psychiatrists to counselors and different programs trying to find the answers to my alcohol, drug, life and inner problems. But despite years of therapy, I ended up at one point in so much pain that I just wanted to end it all and decided to commit suicide. Fortunately that didn't happen. Instead, what I eventually discovered not only gave me the strength to stop all addictions... it turned my life into one that has joy, great purpose, and deep fulfillment.================This same method can work for ANYBODY... regardless of circumstances. =======This method goes beyond the 12 step programs. It cures you, not keeping you a perpetual addict.=========Take Action Change Your Life Today Just Click on the Button or Banner Below and See What People are Saying That Got Cured From this Program. Cheap, at Home. ======================

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Heroin Abuse, 9 Addicts in My Life. It All Started With 6, Then 7, Heroin Addicts Entering My Pathway Looking For Work. Only One Would Work. Then Came Two More With the Same Problem, For Another Reason. As the Story Continues, What Followed Was Shocking. # 8= and # 9= Were Suddenly Standing in Front of My House. # 8= 19 Years Old, is the Sister of # 7 =and # 9 = is Her Boyfriend.=== Recap of What Happened in the Past. # 7 Was Homeless at the Tender Age of 2 Years With His Father Who Was Then a Heroin Addict. # 7 , Just Got His 19 Year Old Sister # 8 = back on Heroin After She Went Through Rehab and was Clean For Two Months. ==========================Well, To Cut Through the Chase, Here's the Story. Numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9 Were Out Front of My house. My Grandchild, Age 5 at the Time Was Playing in My Front Yard, As I Watch From the Window. Next Thing I Know, a Car Pulls Up. Yep, a Delivery For the Four People About 5 foot From the curb. An Exchange Was Made, Took About 4 Seconds. Although I Didn't See What the Exchange Was, I Knew. ====================== These 4 People Then Run To My Backyard, Oh Yes, As My Grandchild Runs After Them To See What They Are Doing. Somehow I Felt 30 Years Younger in Seconds. I Moved Through the House Like a Bolt of Lightening, Faster You Can Imagine. So I Fling Open the Back Door so Hard, as if I Had Some Type of Bodybuilder Power Source. (Please Keep In Mind, I'm Actually 63 Years Old. All the 9 Addicts Are Between 25 to 34 Years Old.) Well I'm Livid, Meaning I'm So Mad I Could Spit Nails. I Looked At the 4 of Them In My Back Yard and I Spoke. Listen Up, I Have Something to Say and Don't Anyone and I Mean Anyone Say a Word Back to Me. Yelling, I Looked At # 8 (sister), Don't You Ever Conduct Your Business in Front of My Home Again. Still Yelling As I Looked At # 7 = Do Not Ever Make a Deal Within Seeing Distance Of My Home, Or I Will Go Out and Get the Plate Number Off the Car and End Your Little Party. No One Said a Word Back to Me, I Did Get Some Dirty Looks As They Moved On To Another Location Off My Property. ================== My Grandchild Wanted To Know what It Was All About, So I Said, Grandma Doesn't Like Strange Cars At My House . Most Of the 9 Addicts are in Jail Now For Theft.. The Sentences In Jail Usually Run 6 Weeks To 3 Months Each for Them. Of Course They are Repeat Offenders and On Probation. This is the World of the Heroin Life For This Group Of 9.========================================================================= I Will Continue To Run Updates Of Their Lives. Heroin Addiction Is Bad News. If Your Not Using, Please Don't Start. If You Think You Can Handle It, Trust Me, You Can't. If You Are Already On It, Get Off Of it. It Destroys Lives. =======================You Can Be Cured From Any Addiction, In Your Own Home and it's Very Affordable. A Proven Method Is Listed On This Blog Site. Just Click Below To Get Help For You or a Loved One. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> > >

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Celebrities Who Used Heroin, Some Even Lost Their Lives Due to the Use of Heroin.----------------------John Belushi--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Janis Joplin---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- River Phoenix--------------------------------------------------------------- Jim Morrison----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brad Renfro-------------------------------------------------------------- Ray Charles ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paula Yates ---------------------------------------------------------- This is Only a handful of Famous people who Used, were Addicted to, or May have Died as a Result of Heroin. Please Don't Use Heroin. If You are on Heroin, You Could be Endangering Your Life. Get Off the Drug as Soon as You Can, as that Will Send Your Life in a Whole New Direction. You Can Live a Wonderful Life. There is Help. A Cure on this Blog for Any Addiction, it's Cheap, at Home. Check it Out. Take Action Now and Live the Life You Have Been Dreaming About.

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Addiction, Crime, Jail Time, Here We Go Again. Breakdown, Lives of These Heroin Addicts. === Heroin Addict #1 30 Year Old Male Not Working , Had To Relocate as So Many People were After Him Because He Kept Stealing From Them. ======= Heroin Addict #2 Is In Jail, 30 Years Old Male Not Working, Put In jail again By His 65 year Old Parents. He Keeps Coming to Their House Drunk and High On Heroin, Yelling and Busting Things Up. He's Homeless. His Folks Let Him Stay There When He Comes Home Without an Attitude, Otherwise They Call the Police, and He Spends the Night in Jail. Happens All the Time. ======= Heroin Addict #3 25 Year Old Male Not Working. Stands and Sits on the Side Walk For Weeks at a Time, Rain or Shine. A Heroin Addict Who Seems to be in a Complete Daze Most of the Time. Does Nothing With His Life But Stays Doped Up 24/7 5 Days a Week. Oddly Enough, He Got a Call For A Job, 4 Days a Week. Good Luck to Him. Lives With His Sister and Her Children On Week ends, But is Welcome There All The Time. ======= Heroin Addict #4 The Mother Age 40 Not Working. Left Her Kids 4 Years Ago, Disappeared or is Hiding Out, as Her Husband is in Jail Again. ======= He is Heroin Addict #5 Age 45 Not Working, Dumped His Kids 4 Years Ago, When Heroin Became More Important to Him Than His Family.. After Getting Out of a Mental Ward Recently, Now in Jail. The Children Are Around 9 and 11 now, Being Raised By Their Grandparents. ======= Heroin Addict #6 Male 30 Years Old Not Working Back in Jail For Theft, then Will Do Rehab Program and Living Arrangement Again. This is Been Going On For the last 15 Years of His Life. ======= Heroin Addict #7 Male 30 Years Old Not Working. Pretty Much Repeat of the Above. In Jail For Theft, Then Rehab or Maybe Prison This Time. Been Going on Around 15 Years of His Life. Has a 2 Year Old Child, He Doesn't See or Support Even Though There is a Court Order For Child Support. Mostly Sad News Due to Heroin Addiction for These Folks. == Here's Some Good News. You Can CURE Any Addiction, Cheap, at HOME. You Got to See This.== This same method can work for ANYBODY... regardless of circumstances. == GUARANTEES RESULTS. Gets Top Reviews. Saves Lives.====

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Stop the Pain of Living a Life on the Roller Coaster Ride of Addiction and Begin Your New Life Today! = === You Simply Do What the Program says... and Soon You Will Be Addiction Free FOREVER! === This Same Method Can Work for ANYBODY... Regardless Of Circumstances. === You can have a great life! === Cure Any Addiction, Cheap, At Home. ========= Just Click Below on the Button, or Banner ==
In 2011, There Were an Estimated 9.6 Million Drug Abusers in Pakistan. = 1.5 Million People in the Country Abused Opium, While 750,000 People Were Addicted to Heroin. 200,000 Injected Themselves With Drugs. 10 percent of College Students and 40 percent of the Prison Population Abuses Drugs in Pakistan, Medical Experts Estimate. This Blog Will Be Updated With More Facts About Other Places in the World, and the Sad Truth Of Heroin Addiction. ======= Very Important ===== There is a New Cure Listed in This Blog Between the articles and It Will Cure Any Addiction. I'm Serious, Check It Out. ===== You Really Can Have The Life You Desire.
Drug Addiction in Russia Facts ======= There are around 2.5 Million People in Russia who are Addicted to Illegal Drugs, According to the Russian Government. 90 percent of the Drug Addicts are Addicted to Heroin. The Country of Russia Consumes 70 Tons of Heroin. = The Amount of Heroin Used by Russians is over 1/5 of the World’s total Heroin Supply. 80 People in Russia Die Every Day Due to Overdosing on Heroin. == This is Very Sad, and is a Problem Worldwide. = I Will Be Posting Information on Other Countries in the Next Few Weeks. ==== There is a New Way To Cure Addiction Listed on This Site, Where It Say's Cure Any Addiction. = This is Located a Few Articles Down. = If You Are An Addict or Know Someone Who Is, Then This is A Must Read; To Get Rid of Addiction and Start Living a Wonderful Life. ===
In order to Stay Off Drugs, Heroin Addicts Must Learn New Ways of Thinking and Behaving ====== Manage Problems Without Turning To Drugs = Identify and Correct Problematic Behavior Actions = Identify and Correct Harmful Patterns of Thinking = Recognize Drug Cravings as Soon as They Start = Identify and Manage High-Risk Situations To Avoid = Establish Motivation To Change Thought Patterns and Actions ======= Check Out How To Cure Addiction In the Comfort Of Your Home. Listed In This Blog Site.
Heroin is an Extremely Dangerous Drug, with the Potential to Inflict Considerable Physical, Social and Emotional Damage on Those who Abuse or become Addicted to It. =================================== Increases in Heroin-Related Medical Emergencies, Arrests, and Crime Indicate that Heroin Consumption Remains a Growing Problem Throughout the World. ======================================================================================== The UN Drug Control Program estimates that there are some 8 million heroin abusers worldwide ======================================================================================== Although heroin use remains less prevalent than cannabis, it accounts for a greater percentage of drug-related health problems and criminal activity. There are an estimated 2 million Heroin Users in the United States, with some 600,000 to 800,000 Considered Hardcore Addicts ================================================================================================================================================================================ A WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC OF ADDICTION ========================================================================================= Russia has one of the Worst Addiction Rates for Heroin in the World, People Die Everyday From Heroin Overdose.========================================================================================== Heroin Addiction is Often Associated with a Criminal Lifestyle, as Many Addicts Lose Their Work Ethic and Drive Themselves, to an Addictive Lifestyle. Many turn to Criminal Activities to Support their Drug Addictions. Many Heroin Addicts = Live High Risk lifestyles, Due to Heroin Use Itself Which Can Result in Overdose or Fatal Reaction to Some Substance That was Used to Cut the Heroin. Yet, More risk Comes From Sharing Needles.== Get Rid Of Addiction, Learn How, On This Blog ========

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Some straight talk about addictions and your life == Learn how to permanently end a drug or alcohol problem and have a deeply fulfilling life naturally == Facts You Need to Get Over Addictions Forever == A New, Breakthrough Program for Getting Free of Addictions that Really Works == Advice To Get Over Addictions that Really Works by an EX-user == CURE Any Addiction, Cheap, at Home. == Just Click on the Tab in This Article ==== To Learn How to Permanently End a Drug or Alcohol problem

Friday, August 31, 2012

=========== Update; Heroin Addict #7 is Back in Jail Again For Theft. == Jail, Rehab, Over and Over, For Stealing to Support The Heroin Habit. == Is This Ever Going to End? == Does This Sound Like Any Type of Life to Be Living? == This Simply Must End, Cannot Go On As He Will End Up In Prison. == So Many Times, So Many Breaks To Turn His Life Around. == Yet #7 Continues To Follow the Path Of Destruction, Failure and Defeat Without Any Interest of Trying Life in Any Other Direction. == This Is the World of Heroin Addiction, It Not Only Controls Your Body, But Your Mind As Well. == The Addiction To Heroin is Both Physical and Mental. == This Drug Destroys Any Meaning of a Real Life Leaving One Devastated and Hopeless. Heroin Is Awful. == There Is No Getting Around It's Effects On One If They Are A User Of the Dope.

Monday, August 27, 2012

This is the Real Lives of Heroin Addicts, at Least the Ones I Know. So,it goes On. Addict Number 7 got a Decent Place to Live Free of Charge, With a Few Rules. The Rules Are = Be Home By 10PM, Go to Church on Sunday, Any church, And Go to 2 Substance Abuse Meetings a Week. He Is Living in a Religion Based Setting, Very Nice, in a Good Location. Sounds Like A Pretty Good Deal to Me. The STRANGE Thing About the Situation is His Heroin Habit Has Now Become a $3000 a Month Addiction. Why I Find This Odd is, When I Met Him, Months Ago, His Habit Was Costing Him Around $600 Monthly. Recently The Cost of His Dope Had Raised to $1000 Monthly as He Increased the Supply. So From Around $20 a Day to About $33 Daily. Now That He's Moved Out of the Car and Got in the Program, It Turns Out That In Less Then a Week of His Relocation = It Now Runs Addict Number 7 = $100 a Day to Keep Himself Supplied With Heroin, and That Will Now Cost Him $3000 Monthly. Sounds To Me Like Things Went From Bad To Worst. Does That Make Sense to You? Oh Yea, I Should Also Mention That He No Longer Works, But Comes Up With the Money For the Dope. I Doubt That There is a Santa Claus Giving Away That Kinda Cash. So I Am Going to Take a Guess at This, Another Crime Spree Going On. Now Remember, This is the Guy Who Was Homeless at the Age Of 2 Years With His Dad Who Was Addicted to Heroin. So Addict Number 7 Really Doesn't Want to Quit Drugs and Has Absolutely No Intention of Stopping the Use of Heroin in This Lifetime. Stealing, Jail, Rehab, Substance Abuse Programs, Over and Over Again Like Being on a Merry-Go-Round. He Goes Through the Programs to Avoid Jail Time. This Has Been Going On 10, 15 years or More Since His Birth 30 Years Ago. I Have Been Told the Drug Programs in this City Have an 80% Failure Rate. Lot's of Money and Time Wasted as It's Not Working in this Area Very Well. Not Trying to Be Negative, I Am Just Telling What I Have Seen. _______________________________________ I Was a Cab Driver Here For Years, Took People to Alcohol and Drug Recovery to Be Dried Out. Well Quite Frankly, I'd See Them Again About a Week Later Back On the Stuff. At the Time I hadn't Met Anyone on Heroin Only on Crack Cocaine. They Called Themselves Crack Heads. I Didn't Know What a Crack Head Was or What It Meant. I Am Serious. It May Sound Silly to You, None of This Had Ever Been In or Any Part of My Life. It Was All New to Me. I Had Always Hoped The Addicted People I Met Would Overcome Their Addictions, Although It Never Happened For Any of Them That I Am Aware of, As it Went on For years. SAD, But TRUE. _________________________________________________Back To the 7 Heroin Addicts Who Came into My Life Recently and Then Would Steal Everything I Had. No, I Didn't Call the Cops on Them. I Should Have, But Then everyone Calls The Police On Them and It Really Doesn't do Any Good, as They Are Right Back At It. I Heard One Of Them Had To Stay in a Mental Ward For a While. They Seem to Live Such Crazy Lives. The Whole Situation Bothered Me So Much That I Looked Around For a Cure. I Found Someone Who Had Been Through All This Addiction Stuff and the Problems That Come With Being an addict, He Cured Himself and Turned His Life Around After 18 Years of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. His Life Was Crap, His Story is Impressive. The Cure is Listed in My Blog, You Might Want to Go To His Site For Yourself or Someone You Know. There Is A Cure For Any Addiction, it's Cheap, at Home. This Blog is to Raise Awareness of Addiction Problems.

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Heroin is a highly addictive drug, and its use is a serious problem in America. Current estimates suggest that nearly 600,000 people need treatment for heroin addiction. = People Are Becoming Addicted from injecting heroin to snorting or smoking Heroin.
Serious Heroin Information ======= Repeated and chronic heroin users who fail to use sterile technique or share equipment can begin to experience the long-term effects of such practices ------- Infection of the heart lining & valves, due to lack of sterile technique. Liver disease - approximately 75% of new hepatitis C infections in the U.S. each year are the result of injection drug use, even sharing snorting straws has been linked to hepatitis transmission. Problems Can Also Include = Kidney disease. Pulmonary complications, which are Sometimes infection related Skin infections & abscesses, especially among chronic injectors who suffer scarred or collapsed veins Besides the risk of contracting the hepatitis virus = heroin users also have an increased risk of getting human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other blood-borne viruses. = Heroin is sometimes mixed with sugar, starch, quinine, & even strychnine & other poisons, adding more potential dangers. Because of the unknown strength and contents of the heroin they are taking, users are at a great risk of overdose and death.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Life Became Full of Heroin Addicts. The Person, I Call Him Heroin Addict Number 7, as I Don't Want to Reveal His Name, He is Around 30 Years Old. He Had A Plan To Lower The Cost Of His Heroin Habit, Not To Reduce the Habit But To Get It Cheaper. Here's What He Did = He Made a Deal To Get a 2 Week Supply of the Drug For 50% Off So He Would Have Money Left To Rent a Room Out Of His Paycheck. He Was Homeless, Living in a Car, Not His Car as he Owned nothing. Well, the Plan Didn't Work. He Used Up The 2 Week Supply in 4 Days. Yep, 4 Days. Then Becoming More Addicted To additional Hits. So Therefore , the Plan Backfired. The Bad News is = He Has Fallen Deeper into the World of Addiction, it's been going on in his life 10-15 years. Then the Good News, Yesterday He Got a Roof Over His Head For the First Time in a long While. He Has a Nice Place to Stay Now. This Was Donated To Him to Help Him Out. Of Course, There Are Rules He Must Abide By To Continue to Live there For Free. We Will See How He Does On This Deal. I Am Not Involved in the Situation in Any Way. I Have Found Many Times By Giving Him A Break In Many Ways = That He Could Not Be Trusted At All. Example, A Few Months Back, He Said He Needed The Car To Go Down The Street and Would Be Right Back. Yea, Well He Was On A Crime Spree, He Went To Jail For a Few Weeks, the Car Was Impounded. Cost Lot's of Money to Get it Back. That's the Second Time It Happened. Much More Happen, I'm Not Going to Go Into Detail. I Think You Get the General Idea of the No Trust Factor. So He Does Some Work Sometimes and That Is About It. I Am Glad He Has A Place To Stay, I Hope He Doesn't Take Advantage Of It. Time Will Tell. He Has No Interest In Quitting Dope. There Is No Motivation In That Direction At This Time. I Will Keep Updates On This Story In the Future. If He Doesn't Change in the Near Future, He Will likely End Up In Prison Long Term. Continue To Read This Blog If You Are Interested In A Cure. It's Cheap, At Home Cure For Any Addiction. People Are Having Great Results.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

23 million unemployed, 100+ million on welfare, over 8% unemployment for 42 consecutive months in the USA. Can You Really Afford Heroin Addiction? Get The Cure Now and Change Your Life. The Cure is Listed on This Blog. See What People Are Saying. You Will Be Amazed. Cure Any Addiction, Cheap, at Home.
Update = The 6 Heroin Addicts Are Gone From My Life. They Put a Total Hardship on Me, Taking Just About Everything. Leaving Me to go Without. That Was 3 months Ago. I don't Know Where they Went. I Heard Stories, Rehab and Jail. The Police Were Just at My Neighbors. There Was A Shooting. I Heard Something About Their Back Gate Was Open And They Think Someone Trying to Rob Them. Their Pit bull Was in The Back Yard. There Was Gunfire, Maybe 5 Shots. No One Hurt, Dog is Alright. This City Has a Bad Crime and Drug Problem and Gangs. Is Your Neighborhood Safe. I Was Lucky, Non of the Heroin Addicts That Showed Up At My House Were Violent to Me, I Wasn't Hurt.I Am Not Saying That All Heroin Addicts Steal and That They are Criminals; But Some of Them Are Just That. Be Care, Be Safe. Cops Are Back At Another House Near Me, Now. I Am Going to Check it Out, Take Care.
The Story Goes on-= So 6 Heroin Addicts Came into my Life Looking For Jobs. But What They Really Wanted Was Stuff to Steal To Support Their Heroin Habit. They Were In and Out of Rehab and Jail For Their Crime Sprees, That Was The Story of Their Lives For Many Years. Leaving Children and Family Behind. Living Here, there, Homeless, Anything to Survive. But, Always Found a Way to Have Money For The Dope they Needed. These 6 People Would Steal From Anyone, Including Elderly and Kids. They Took Everything From Me and Anyone They Came in Contact With. I Noticed They Cannot Seem To Cope With Life in General or Any Type of Rules and Regulations of any Sort; Except, of Course, Providing Their Habit. Which They Pursue Relentlessly, At all Cost. Heroin is Costing Close to 70 Billion a Year From Crime and Illness. The Problem is Widespread and Growing. I Have Researched The Topic Heroin Recently and Found There is a Cure. The Cure is Cheap, at Home, For Any Addiction. I Have Listed The Cure in This Blog. Something I Need to Mention, = There is a Seventh Heroin Addict Hanging Around.. I Don't Like to Talk About Him Much, He Works, When There is Work. He Lives Outside, He Will Work Really Good. But Still, Can't be Trusted, And That's the Way It is. I Respect That He is Willing to Work, So We Keep it on That Level and No More. He is Homeless, and His Family, Friends Won't Keep Him. Heroin is First in His Life, Always. Yep, He has Had the Habit 10 to 15 Years. Something About Getting Hurt When He Was a Teen, Taking Pain Pills, Then Heroin. He is Around 30 Years Old. There is More to The Story. When He Was 2 Years Old , He Was Homeless With His Parent Who Was a Heroin Addict. I Know it's Heartbreaking. He is Living in a Car Right Now and Has Been For Months. Actually, as Strange as it Sounds, He Seems to Be Quite Content With The Situation With a Pillow and Blanket and the Form of Shelter He Now Has. Get's his Hot Meals Free at the Church Locations in the Area. I Think He Has Had it Worst in the Past. A Couple of Weeks Ago He Help A Young Relative Return to Her Heroin Habit. I Think She is 19 Years Old, Went Through Rehab Trying to Get Off The Dope For Maybe 2 Months. He Made it Easy For Her to Return to Addiction. What is Really Sad is That He See's Nothing Wrong With What He Did. His Attitude Was She's a Grown Woman and Can Make Her Own Decisions. I Even Got the Impression That He Thought He Was Doing Her a Favor. I Thought to Myself, You May as Well of Put a Gun to Her Head and Put Her in a Coma, as all the Heroin Addicts I Know Have No Decent Life. I Should Mention, This Was His Sister, Half Sister. So Then She Left Home, Moved Out. No One Has Heard From Her Since. I'm Told it's Not the First Time This Has Happened; Although They Thought She Would Really Kick the Dope Habit this Time. I Been Told Her Boyfriend is Deep into Drug Addiction Also. Her Family Thinks Their Daughter Went on a Crime spree. They No Longer Want anything to Do With Her Brother Who is the 7Th Heroin Addict I Discuss in this Blog. What a Shame, What a Mess, and it Continues on in the World of Heroin Addiction. The Internet States That About 50% of Heroin Addicts Work and the Other 50% Are not Employed. So The Heroin Habit Can Costs $600 to $2000 a Month or Even More. Many Times The Source of Income to Supply the Dope Comes From Crime. You May Deal With Dope Addiction in the Future, Either as a Parent, Friend or Employer. Addiction is Everywhere. Be Aware, Become Informed. A New Cure is Listed on My Blog. If You Need Help or Know Someone That Does, Take a Minute and Find Out How to Cure Any Addiction, Cheap, at Home. Thank You For Reading My Blog. I Will Add Updates Weekly.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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Monday, August 13, 2012

( One Day I Found Myself Surrounded by Heroin Addicts, this Blog Tells the Experience and Still Goes On ) The Addicts Came Here Looking For Work About 3 Months Ago, but None Would Work. They Came, Stealing everything, Over and Over; Then Left. So, Two Weeks Ago, I Am Walking Through My House. I See Something Move. It's One of Them, in The Middle of the Night. We Had a Confrontation, he Charged Me. I Ran Down the Stairs and He Made Himself at Home Upstairs, there Was No Getting Rid of Him. He Would Not Leave, He Was Homeless. Ten Years Homeless and Addicted To Dope, Heroin. He Then Left to Go Steal to Support His Drug Habit. Oh Yea, He Say's He Doesn't Steal. He Ended Up In Jail For Theft. He is Only Getting Detained For 15 Days, Even Though He is Already on Probation; and Suppose to Pass a Drug Test Weekly. Well, When He Got Arrested This Time, He Had Taken My Cell Phone. The Arresting Officer Claimed He Turned The Phone into The Police Station. The Police Station Claims The Officer Did Not Turn In a Phone or a Wallet Belonging to the Suspect. So There We Have It. My Phone is Gone, They Say there is Nothing They Can Do. It Was a Business Phone, It's a Very Small Business That Produces Very Little Income, but it Helps. After a Week of Waiting, I Went and got Another Phone, an Expense I Could not Afford. The Police Don't Want to Be Bothered about the Phone. I Thought About Filing a Complaint at the Police Department. But Then, Do I Really Want Trouble With the Police? I Mean, I Am Already Having Trouble With The Criminals. I Might Need the Police Sometime. These Heroin Addicts That Steal, Don't Consider it as Crime, They Say it's Just Something They Have to Do. I Did Research on the Subject of Heroin Addicts and Found Out It is Costing This Country a Large Fortune. There is Information on This Blog of Heroin Addiction and it's Effects on All of Us. It is Shocking to Say the Least. This Was All Hard For Me to Absorb at First. Heroin Addiction is Everywhere. Please, Don't Let it Happen to You. If You Know Someone on Heroin, They Need to Get Off the Dope. For More Information on the Worldof Heroin Addiction, Visit My Blog.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

( Found Myself in the Mist of Heroin Addicts ) In this Blog, I am Talking about the 6 dope addicts that came into my life. Frankly, everyone was fed up with their actions, lies, stealing, abuse, destruction, and no one wanted anything to do with any of them. I felt the same way, most of the time. Sometimes, but seldom, I thought they are humans, and I wanted to reach out and help them. I just wanted to reach out and pull them out of their darkness, but then again, not one of them was reaching back. They were not ready for help. All of them just wanted their drug, dope, Heroin. It's an awful thing. Some tried drug recovery. I Heard there is an 80% failure rate in the program in this city. The mental addiction alone can last 6 months. The 6 addicts have taken about everything I Had, so there is some resentment still lingering on my part. They simply could not be trusted on any level. The couple in their 40's dumped the children on her parents to raise. The grandmother is somewhat sickly. The Heroin addicted couple does not help support the kids. As a Matter of fact, they act like the kids do not even exist at all. The couple's commitment is only to the dope, Heroin Habit. It's Sad, and unacceptable. Imagine how the children feel, they are only around 8 and 10 years old. The whole thing makes me sick, while the couple runs the streets looking to supply the drug any way they can.
Heroin is a highly addictive drug derived from morphine, which is obtained from the opium poppy. It is a “downer” or depressant that affects the brain’s pleasure systems and interferes with the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Sometimes called Big H, Blacktar, Brown sugar, Dope, Horse, Junk, Muc, Skag, Smac
Some 600,000 people in the United States alone are addicted to heroin. About forty-five percent of Americans know someone with a substance abuse problem. Social and health effects of heroin on society are staggering. Drug-related illness, death, and crime cost the nation approximately $66.9 billion.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Day I Found Myself Surrounded By Heroin Junkies

 I Am Writing This Blog In Hopes It Will Help Someone, Somewhere. One Day I Found Myself Surrounded By  Heroin Junkies. They All Wanted Work, Odd Jobs, For A Little Money To Get Them By. Well I Did Not Know That They Were Addicted To Heroin< By The Time I Found Out They Were Junkies* My Life Had Become A Total Nightmare. They Came From Out Of  Nowhere, Did not Give Their Real Names, Then Vanished Just As Quickly To Where Ever. They, Of Course, Did Not Work. Lied About Everything And Took     Everything They Could Get Their Hands On. My Power Breakers Were Turned Off, House Keys Taken, All They Did Was Steal. They Had Stories To Tell, Lot's Of Stories. I Viewed Them As People Guilty Of Crime. But, Their Attitude Seemed To Be  =. It Didn't Really Matter How Much They Needed To Steal. They Don't See It As Crime, Because They Had To Do It To Survive. So That Made It Alright, They Were Junkies. Meaning They Had No Choice And Were Not To Blame. It Was Their Heroin Habit Making Them Do Crime and Awful Things. They Felt Entitlement To Everything. That Taking Anything They Want, When They Want Was Part Of Being An Addict. So Then, Everything Is Excused, At Least In Their Minds, The Six Of Them. Yea, Right, I Have A Different Opinion. I Will Tell More About Their Shocking Behavior Later In My Blog. Hint Of Later Follow Ups = Taking A Chicken Lunch From A 5 Year Old, While He Was Trying To Eat It. Robbing A Sick Old Lady. Dumping Their Kids Off At Their Elderly Sick Parents To Raise, As If They Didn't Have A Care In The World. Panhandling A Bunch Of  Lies On The Street To Get Money For Their Heroin, Dope. Living Free With Person After Person With Their Sad Stories; Then Robbing Each And Every One That Helped Them. It All Seems Like A Big Game To Them. A Game, In The End That They Will Loose. Do I Dislike These People? Pretty Much. Do I Want To See Them Improve Their Lives? Pretty Much. The Hurt and Hell They Put On Their Families, Friends, Loved Ones, Society In General Is Too Much. So I Have Included A Little Research On Heroin Addiction To Include In My Blog. Little Did I Know That I Would Ever Be Researching Heroin Addiction. Be Prepared, Heroin Addicts Are Everywhere and Someday You May Have To Deal With It.

Message From A Heroin Addict, Writer Unknown

I  remember a time in my life when I used to be able to laugh and smile, have fun, without a care in the world. Life was good. But then along came my  addiction to heroin. Then My Life Became A Living Hell. Lying, Stealing, Whatever I Had To Do To Support My Heroin Habit. My Daily Goal Was To Get My Heroin Fix, Nothing Else Mattered. I Accepted Nothing Other Then Getting Doped Up Every Day. I Would Live Here Or There, Expecting Everyone Else To Supply My Basic Needs, Food, Shelter, Clothing. If I Could Not Find Some Sucker To Support Me, I Would Live In Cars And Fields. It Really Did Not Matter, Nothing Was As Important To Me As My Heroin Habit. Sometimes I'd Steal and Other Times I Would Actually Work, Yet Every Dime I Made Went To Take Care Of My Habit. Sometimes I Made More Money, Then I Would Take More Heroin. Like A Merry-Go-Round  I Went In Circles. I Went Through Rehab Several Times, Just Could Not Stay Clean. Been In Jail More Then Once For Theft. Nothing Has Changed, I Have No Desire To Quit. You Think That I Would Be Motivated To Stop The Heroin Habit. I Cannot Stop. Why? I Do Not Know. I Am An Addict, Many Years Now. I Am A Male, 33, Single, With A Message To Everyone. === Do Not Take Heroin, Take Life As It Comes; It Will Be Much Easier For You. I Am Signing This As Nameless; As I Am No Longer Me. I Do Not Know What Happened To The Real Me. I Vanished Years Ago. Be Warned, Don't Let This Happen To You. Stay Clean, Stay Out Of The Hell I Live In. Funny Thing = This Is The First Time I Have Told The Truth About Anything, For The Last 9 Years. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

What are the Signs of Heroin use? Although every individual is different, the following represent some of the most common signs and symptoms of heroin use (or has developed a heroin drug addiction): Euphoria Bouts with depression Chills and fever Apathetic or lethargic behavior Lying about one’s whereabouts Losing interest in friends or favorites hobbies/activities Deceptive behavior to friends and family members Stealing money to support heroin habit Engaging in criminal or reckless behavior to buy heroin A “lost” look in the eyes Runny nose and sneezing Strong drug cravings Constricted pupils Shallow breathing If someone you know is exhibiting one or more of these heroin addiction signs and symptoms over an extended period of time, you may want to get them help. There is a Cure on this blog in the newest updates. It's Cheap, at Home.
Whether you are a parent or an individual caught in the clutches of addiction, there are several things that you need to know about heroin and heroin addiction. The following is a list of some of the most important elements of this harmful drug and how it impacts the lives of those who use it. Ten Things to Know about Heroin and Heroin Addiction Heroin can cause serious peripheral health issues. More than almost any other drug, heroin puts the individual at risk for a number of serious health problems not directly associated with the drug itself. IV users who inject heroin are among the most likely people in the world to be stricken with HIV/AIDS or hepatitis as a result of sharing dirty, used needles. Heroin can be ingested several different ways. There are three primary ways that an individual generally ingests heroin: shooting the drug into their veins with a needle, snorting the powder form of heroin, or smoking heroin (often mixed with cocaine). Heroin was once available in a number of different consumer products. In the early part of the 20th Century, heroin was actually the active ingredient in a number of different products, including cough suppressants and morphine addiction curatives. The way people use heroin has changed in recent years. As recently as 15 years ago, over three quarters of all heroin users took the drug by injecting it. Today that number has shrunk to 65%, as the number of individuals snorting heroin has grown. Heroin is costly habit. The average heroin addict spends between $150 and $250 per day on his or her habit. Heroin is being used in our schools. Between 2% – 3% of all high school seniors surveyed state that they will have used heroin at least once by the time they graduate the 12th grade. Heroin detox is NOT rehab. Despite the claims of many facilities, heroin detox treatment is only a part of the heroin addiction recovery process. In order to break the cycle of addiction, an individual must address both the physical heroin dependence (through detox) and the psychological component (through counseling and aftercare). There are a number of street names for heroin. There are a number of colorful slang terms associated with heroin, including: smack, “H”, horse, white horse, junk, train and chiva. Heroin addiction causes heart and liver problems. Two of the most serious long-term effects of heroin addiction are heart disease and liver failure. Heroin addicts rarely seek treatment on their own. A person addicted to heroin is highly unlikely to admit that he or she has a problem on their own. It is usually up to family and friends to step in and make sure the individual gets the heroin addiction treatment help they need.
clinical guidelines for a definite diagnosis of “dependence” require that three or more of the following six characteristic features be experienced or exhibited: A strong desire or sense of compulsion to take the drug; Difficulties in controlling drug-taking behaviour in terms of its onset, termination, or levels of use; A physiological withdrawal state when drug use is stopped or reduced, as evidenced by: the characteristic withdrawal syndrome for the substance; or use of the same (or a closely related) substance with the intention of relieving or avoiding withdrawal symptoms; Evidence of tolerance, such that increased doses of the drug are required in order to achieve effects originally produced by lower doses; Progressive neglect of alternative pleasures or interests because of drug use, increased amount of time necessary to obtain or take the drug or to recover from its effects; Persisting with drug use despite clear evidence of overtly harmful consequences, such as harm to the liver, depressive mood states or impairment of cognitive functioning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mayo Clinic doctors report that withdrawal symptoms depend on the amount of opiates you've been taking and the length of time you've been addicted. A firm commitment to the detox process and a drug-free future are necessary to withstand the dopesickness you will experience. While the physical withdrawals abate within a few days, the mental cravings can continue for up to a year and require a strong desire to stay clean in order to avoid relapse. While in the throes of withdrawal, you will experience cold sweats and may need extra blankets when the chills hit you. Make sure you have plenty of healthy foods. Light nutritional foods such as soup and toast may be easier to tolerate as you experience nausea. Drink herbal teas to help cam your nerves and sports drinks to maintain your electrolyte levels that may become low after vomiting. Expect to experience withdrawal symptoms will start within about 12 hours after your last hit. Detox side effects range from sweating, nausea and insomnia to cramps, high blood pressure and diarrhea. The most uncomfortable withdrawals will begin to subside within about 30 hours, report doctors at the National Institutes of Health. Use some of the online chat rooms where former heroin addicts share their own experiences with detoxing at home. Sites such as Sober Recovery Community and Heroin can keep you occupied so that your mind is diverted from your discomfort. At the same time, you can get encouragement and tips from others who have detoxed Be Aware Heroin Addiction Can Be One of The Most Expensive Drug Habits & The Hardest To Overcome.