Wednesday, July 18, 2012

( Found Myself in the Mist of Heroin Addicts ) In this Blog, I am Talking about the 6 dope addicts that came into my life. Frankly, everyone was fed up with their actions, lies, stealing, abuse, destruction, and no one wanted anything to do with any of them. I felt the same way, most of the time. Sometimes, but seldom, I thought they are humans, and I wanted to reach out and help them. I just wanted to reach out and pull them out of their darkness, but then again, not one of them was reaching back. They were not ready for help. All of them just wanted their drug, dope, Heroin. It's an awful thing. Some tried drug recovery. I Heard there is an 80% failure rate in the program in this city. The mental addiction alone can last 6 months. The 6 addicts have taken about everything I Had, so there is some resentment still lingering on my part. They simply could not be trusted on any level. The couple in their 40's dumped the children on her parents to raise. The grandmother is somewhat sickly. The Heroin addicted couple does not help support the kids. As a Matter of fact, they act like the kids do not even exist at all. The couple's commitment is only to the dope, Heroin Habit. It's Sad, and unacceptable. Imagine how the children feel, they are only around 8 and 10 years old. The whole thing makes me sick, while the couple runs the streets looking to supply the drug any way they can.
Heroin is a highly addictive drug derived from morphine, which is obtained from the opium poppy. It is a “downer” or depressant that affects the brain’s pleasure systems and interferes with the brain’s ability to perceive pain. Sometimes called Big H, Blacktar, Brown sugar, Dope, Horse, Junk, Muc, Skag, Smac
Some 600,000 people in the United States alone are addicted to heroin. About forty-five percent of Americans know someone with a substance abuse problem. Social and health effects of heroin on society are staggering. Drug-related illness, death, and crime cost the nation approximately $66.9 billion.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Day I Found Myself Surrounded By Heroin Junkies

 I Am Writing This Blog In Hopes It Will Help Someone, Somewhere. One Day I Found Myself Surrounded By  Heroin Junkies. They All Wanted Work, Odd Jobs, For A Little Money To Get Them By. Well I Did Not Know That They Were Addicted To Heroin< By The Time I Found Out They Were Junkies* My Life Had Become A Total Nightmare. They Came From Out Of  Nowhere, Did not Give Their Real Names, Then Vanished Just As Quickly To Where Ever. They, Of Course, Did Not Work. Lied About Everything And Took     Everything They Could Get Their Hands On. My Power Breakers Were Turned Off, House Keys Taken, All They Did Was Steal. They Had Stories To Tell, Lot's Of Stories. I Viewed Them As People Guilty Of Crime. But, Their Attitude Seemed To Be  =. It Didn't Really Matter How Much They Needed To Steal. They Don't See It As Crime, Because They Had To Do It To Survive. So That Made It Alright, They Were Junkies. Meaning They Had No Choice And Were Not To Blame. It Was Their Heroin Habit Making Them Do Crime and Awful Things. They Felt Entitlement To Everything. That Taking Anything They Want, When They Want Was Part Of Being An Addict. So Then, Everything Is Excused, At Least In Their Minds, The Six Of Them. Yea, Right, I Have A Different Opinion. I Will Tell More About Their Shocking Behavior Later In My Blog. Hint Of Later Follow Ups = Taking A Chicken Lunch From A 5 Year Old, While He Was Trying To Eat It. Robbing A Sick Old Lady. Dumping Their Kids Off At Their Elderly Sick Parents To Raise, As If They Didn't Have A Care In The World. Panhandling A Bunch Of  Lies On The Street To Get Money For Their Heroin, Dope. Living Free With Person After Person With Their Sad Stories; Then Robbing Each And Every One That Helped Them. It All Seems Like A Big Game To Them. A Game, In The End That They Will Loose. Do I Dislike These People? Pretty Much. Do I Want To See Them Improve Their Lives? Pretty Much. The Hurt and Hell They Put On Their Families, Friends, Loved Ones, Society In General Is Too Much. So I Have Included A Little Research On Heroin Addiction To Include In My Blog. Little Did I Know That I Would Ever Be Researching Heroin Addiction. Be Prepared, Heroin Addicts Are Everywhere and Someday You May Have To Deal With It.

Message From A Heroin Addict, Writer Unknown

I  remember a time in my life when I used to be able to laugh and smile, have fun, without a care in the world. Life was good. But then along came my  addiction to heroin. Then My Life Became A Living Hell. Lying, Stealing, Whatever I Had To Do To Support My Heroin Habit. My Daily Goal Was To Get My Heroin Fix, Nothing Else Mattered. I Accepted Nothing Other Then Getting Doped Up Every Day. I Would Live Here Or There, Expecting Everyone Else To Supply My Basic Needs, Food, Shelter, Clothing. If I Could Not Find Some Sucker To Support Me, I Would Live In Cars And Fields. It Really Did Not Matter, Nothing Was As Important To Me As My Heroin Habit. Sometimes I'd Steal and Other Times I Would Actually Work, Yet Every Dime I Made Went To Take Care Of My Habit. Sometimes I Made More Money, Then I Would Take More Heroin. Like A Merry-Go-Round  I Went In Circles. I Went Through Rehab Several Times, Just Could Not Stay Clean. Been In Jail More Then Once For Theft. Nothing Has Changed, I Have No Desire To Quit. You Think That I Would Be Motivated To Stop The Heroin Habit. I Cannot Stop. Why? I Do Not Know. I Am An Addict, Many Years Now. I Am A Male, 33, Single, With A Message To Everyone. === Do Not Take Heroin, Take Life As It Comes; It Will Be Much Easier For You. I Am Signing This As Nameless; As I Am No Longer Me. I Do Not Know What Happened To The Real Me. I Vanished Years Ago. Be Warned, Don't Let This Happen To You. Stay Clean, Stay Out Of The Hell I Live In. Funny Thing = This Is The First Time I Have Told The Truth About Anything, For The Last 9 Years.