Thursday, July 5, 2012

Message From A Heroin Addict, Writer Unknown

I  remember a time in my life when I used to be able to laugh and smile, have fun, without a care in the world. Life was good. But then along came my  addiction to heroin. Then My Life Became A Living Hell. Lying, Stealing, Whatever I Had To Do To Support My Heroin Habit. My Daily Goal Was To Get My Heroin Fix, Nothing Else Mattered. I Accepted Nothing Other Then Getting Doped Up Every Day. I Would Live Here Or There, Expecting Everyone Else To Supply My Basic Needs, Food, Shelter, Clothing. If I Could Not Find Some Sucker To Support Me, I Would Live In Cars And Fields. It Really Did Not Matter, Nothing Was As Important To Me As My Heroin Habit. Sometimes I'd Steal and Other Times I Would Actually Work, Yet Every Dime I Made Went To Take Care Of My Habit. Sometimes I Made More Money, Then I Would Take More Heroin. Like A Merry-Go-Round  I Went In Circles. I Went Through Rehab Several Times, Just Could Not Stay Clean. Been In Jail More Then Once For Theft. Nothing Has Changed, I Have No Desire To Quit. You Think That I Would Be Motivated To Stop The Heroin Habit. I Cannot Stop. Why? I Do Not Know. I Am An Addict, Many Years Now. I Am A Male, 33, Single, With A Message To Everyone. === Do Not Take Heroin, Take Life As It Comes; It Will Be Much Easier For You. I Am Signing This As Nameless; As I Am No Longer Me. I Do Not Know What Happened To The Real Me. I Vanished Years Ago. Be Warned, Don't Let This Happen To You. Stay Clean, Stay Out Of The Hell I Live In. Funny Thing = This Is The First Time I Have Told The Truth About Anything, For The Last 9 Years. 

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