Wednesday, July 18, 2012

( Found Myself in the Mist of Heroin Addicts ) In this Blog, I am Talking about the 6 dope addicts that came into my life. Frankly, everyone was fed up with their actions, lies, stealing, abuse, destruction, and no one wanted anything to do with any of them. I felt the same way, most of the time. Sometimes, but seldom, I thought they are humans, and I wanted to reach out and help them. I just wanted to reach out and pull them out of their darkness, but then again, not one of them was reaching back. They were not ready for help. All of them just wanted their drug, dope, Heroin. It's an awful thing. Some tried drug recovery. I Heard there is an 80% failure rate in the program in this city. The mental addiction alone can last 6 months. The 6 addicts have taken about everything I Had, so there is some resentment still lingering on my part. They simply could not be trusted on any level. The couple in their 40's dumped the children on her parents to raise. The grandmother is somewhat sickly. The Heroin addicted couple does not help support the kids. As a Matter of fact, they act like the kids do not even exist at all. The couple's commitment is only to the dope, Heroin Habit. It's Sad, and unacceptable. Imagine how the children feel, they are only around 8 and 10 years old. The whole thing makes me sick, while the couple runs the streets looking to supply the drug any way they can.

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