Monday, August 13, 2012

( One Day I Found Myself Surrounded by Heroin Addicts, this Blog Tells the Experience and Still Goes On ) The Addicts Came Here Looking For Work About 3 Months Ago, but None Would Work. They Came, Stealing everything, Over and Over; Then Left. So, Two Weeks Ago, I Am Walking Through My House. I See Something Move. It's One of Them, in The Middle of the Night. We Had a Confrontation, he Charged Me. I Ran Down the Stairs and He Made Himself at Home Upstairs, there Was No Getting Rid of Him. He Would Not Leave, He Was Homeless. Ten Years Homeless and Addicted To Dope, Heroin. He Then Left to Go Steal to Support His Drug Habit. Oh Yea, He Say's He Doesn't Steal. He Ended Up In Jail For Theft. He is Only Getting Detained For 15 Days, Even Though He is Already on Probation; and Suppose to Pass a Drug Test Weekly. Well, When He Got Arrested This Time, He Had Taken My Cell Phone. The Arresting Officer Claimed He Turned The Phone into The Police Station. The Police Station Claims The Officer Did Not Turn In a Phone or a Wallet Belonging to the Suspect. So There We Have It. My Phone is Gone, They Say there is Nothing They Can Do. It Was a Business Phone, It's a Very Small Business That Produces Very Little Income, but it Helps. After a Week of Waiting, I Went and got Another Phone, an Expense I Could not Afford. The Police Don't Want to Be Bothered about the Phone. I Thought About Filing a Complaint at the Police Department. But Then, Do I Really Want Trouble With the Police? I Mean, I Am Already Having Trouble With The Criminals. I Might Need the Police Sometime. These Heroin Addicts That Steal, Don't Consider it as Crime, They Say it's Just Something They Have to Do. I Did Research on the Subject of Heroin Addicts and Found Out It is Costing This Country a Large Fortune. There is Information on This Blog of Heroin Addiction and it's Effects on All of Us. It is Shocking to Say the Least. This Was All Hard For Me to Absorb at First. Heroin Addiction is Everywhere. Please, Don't Let it Happen to You. If You Know Someone on Heroin, They Need to Get Off the Dope. For More Information on the Worldof Heroin Addiction, Visit My Blog.

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