Monday, August 27, 2012

This is the Real Lives of Heroin Addicts, at Least the Ones I Know. So,it goes On. Addict Number 7 got a Decent Place to Live Free of Charge, With a Few Rules. The Rules Are = Be Home By 10PM, Go to Church on Sunday, Any church, And Go to 2 Substance Abuse Meetings a Week. He Is Living in a Religion Based Setting, Very Nice, in a Good Location. Sounds Like A Pretty Good Deal to Me. The STRANGE Thing About the Situation is His Heroin Habit Has Now Become a $3000 a Month Addiction. Why I Find This Odd is, When I Met Him, Months Ago, His Habit Was Costing Him Around $600 Monthly. Recently The Cost of His Dope Had Raised to $1000 Monthly as He Increased the Supply. So From Around $20 a Day to About $33 Daily. Now That He's Moved Out of the Car and Got in the Program, It Turns Out That In Less Then a Week of His Relocation = It Now Runs Addict Number 7 = $100 a Day to Keep Himself Supplied With Heroin, and That Will Now Cost Him $3000 Monthly. Sounds To Me Like Things Went From Bad To Worst. Does That Make Sense to You? Oh Yea, I Should Also Mention That He No Longer Works, But Comes Up With the Money For the Dope. I Doubt That There is a Santa Claus Giving Away That Kinda Cash. So I Am Going to Take a Guess at This, Another Crime Spree Going On. Now Remember, This is the Guy Who Was Homeless at the Age Of 2 Years With His Dad Who Was Addicted to Heroin. So Addict Number 7 Really Doesn't Want to Quit Drugs and Has Absolutely No Intention of Stopping the Use of Heroin in This Lifetime. Stealing, Jail, Rehab, Substance Abuse Programs, Over and Over Again Like Being on a Merry-Go-Round. He Goes Through the Programs to Avoid Jail Time. This Has Been Going On 10, 15 years or More Since His Birth 30 Years Ago. I Have Been Told the Drug Programs in this City Have an 80% Failure Rate. Lot's of Money and Time Wasted as It's Not Working in this Area Very Well. Not Trying to Be Negative, I Am Just Telling What I Have Seen. _______________________________________ I Was a Cab Driver Here For Years, Took People to Alcohol and Drug Recovery to Be Dried Out. Well Quite Frankly, I'd See Them Again About a Week Later Back On the Stuff. At the Time I hadn't Met Anyone on Heroin Only on Crack Cocaine. They Called Themselves Crack Heads. I Didn't Know What a Crack Head Was or What It Meant. I Am Serious. It May Sound Silly to You, None of This Had Ever Been In or Any Part of My Life. It Was All New to Me. I Had Always Hoped The Addicted People I Met Would Overcome Their Addictions, Although It Never Happened For Any of Them That I Am Aware of, As it Went on For years. SAD, But TRUE. _________________________________________________Back To the 7 Heroin Addicts Who Came into My Life Recently and Then Would Steal Everything I Had. No, I Didn't Call the Cops on Them. I Should Have, But Then everyone Calls The Police On Them and It Really Doesn't do Any Good, as They Are Right Back At It. I Heard One Of Them Had To Stay in a Mental Ward For a While. They Seem to Live Such Crazy Lives. The Whole Situation Bothered Me So Much That I Looked Around For a Cure. I Found Someone Who Had Been Through All This Addiction Stuff and the Problems That Come With Being an addict, He Cured Himself and Turned His Life Around After 18 Years of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. His Life Was Crap, His Story is Impressive. The Cure is Listed in My Blog, You Might Want to Go To His Site For Yourself or Someone You Know. There Is A Cure For Any Addiction, it's Cheap, at Home. This Blog is to Raise Awareness of Addiction Problems.

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