Friday, August 31, 2012

=========== Update; Heroin Addict #7 is Back in Jail Again For Theft. == Jail, Rehab, Over and Over, For Stealing to Support The Heroin Habit. == Is This Ever Going to End? == Does This Sound Like Any Type of Life to Be Living? == This Simply Must End, Cannot Go On As He Will End Up In Prison. == So Many Times, So Many Breaks To Turn His Life Around. == Yet #7 Continues To Follow the Path Of Destruction, Failure and Defeat Without Any Interest of Trying Life in Any Other Direction. == This Is the World of Heroin Addiction, It Not Only Controls Your Body, But Your Mind As Well. == The Addiction To Heroin is Both Physical and Mental. == This Drug Destroys Any Meaning of a Real Life Leaving One Devastated and Hopeless. Heroin Is Awful. == There Is No Getting Around It's Effects On One If They Are A User Of the Dope.

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