Thursday, August 16, 2012

Update = The 6 Heroin Addicts Are Gone From My Life. They Put a Total Hardship on Me, Taking Just About Everything. Leaving Me to go Without. That Was 3 months Ago. I don't Know Where they Went. I Heard Stories, Rehab and Jail. The Police Were Just at My Neighbors. There Was A Shooting. I Heard Something About Their Back Gate Was Open And They Think Someone Trying to Rob Them. Their Pit bull Was in The Back Yard. There Was Gunfire, Maybe 5 Shots. No One Hurt, Dog is Alright. This City Has a Bad Crime and Drug Problem and Gangs. Is Your Neighborhood Safe. I Was Lucky, Non of the Heroin Addicts That Showed Up At My House Were Violent to Me, I Wasn't Hurt.I Am Not Saying That All Heroin Addicts Steal and That They are Criminals; But Some of Them Are Just That. Be Care, Be Safe. Cops Are Back At Another House Near Me, Now. I Am Going to Check it Out, Take Care.

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