Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Story Goes on-= So 6 Heroin Addicts Came into my Life Looking For Jobs. But What They Really Wanted Was Stuff to Steal To Support Their Heroin Habit. They Were In and Out of Rehab and Jail For Their Crime Sprees, That Was The Story of Their Lives For Many Years. Leaving Children and Family Behind. Living Here, there, Homeless, Anything to Survive. But, Always Found a Way to Have Money For The Dope they Needed. These 6 People Would Steal From Anyone, Including Elderly and Kids. They Took Everything From Me and Anyone They Came in Contact With. I Noticed They Cannot Seem To Cope With Life in General or Any Type of Rules and Regulations of any Sort; Except, of Course, Providing Their Habit. Which They Pursue Relentlessly, At all Cost. Heroin is Costing Close to 70 Billion a Year From Crime and Illness. The Problem is Widespread and Growing. I Have Researched The Topic Heroin Recently and Found There is a Cure. The Cure is Cheap, at Home, For Any Addiction. I Have Listed The Cure in This Blog. Something I Need to Mention, = There is a Seventh Heroin Addict Hanging Around.. I Don't Like to Talk About Him Much, He Works, When There is Work. He Lives Outside, He Will Work Really Good. But Still, Can't be Trusted, And That's the Way It is. I Respect That He is Willing to Work, So We Keep it on That Level and No More. He is Homeless, and His Family, Friends Won't Keep Him. Heroin is First in His Life, Always. Yep, He has Had the Habit 10 to 15 Years. Something About Getting Hurt When He Was a Teen, Taking Pain Pills, Then Heroin. He is Around 30 Years Old. There is More to The Story. When He Was 2 Years Old , He Was Homeless With His Parent Who Was a Heroin Addict. I Know it's Heartbreaking. He is Living in a Car Right Now and Has Been For Months. Actually, as Strange as it Sounds, He Seems to Be Quite Content With The Situation With a Pillow and Blanket and the Form of Shelter He Now Has. Get's his Hot Meals Free at the Church Locations in the Area. I Think He Has Had it Worst in the Past. A Couple of Weeks Ago He Help A Young Relative Return to Her Heroin Habit. I Think She is 19 Years Old, Went Through Rehab Trying to Get Off The Dope For Maybe 2 Months. He Made it Easy For Her to Return to Addiction. What is Really Sad is That He See's Nothing Wrong With What He Did. His Attitude Was She's a Grown Woman and Can Make Her Own Decisions. I Even Got the Impression That He Thought He Was Doing Her a Favor. I Thought to Myself, You May as Well of Put a Gun to Her Head and Put Her in a Coma, as all the Heroin Addicts I Know Have No Decent Life. I Should Mention, This Was His Sister, Half Sister. So Then She Left Home, Moved Out. No One Has Heard From Her Since. I'm Told it's Not the First Time This Has Happened; Although They Thought She Would Really Kick the Dope Habit this Time. I Been Told Her Boyfriend is Deep into Drug Addiction Also. Her Family Thinks Their Daughter Went on a Crime spree. They No Longer Want anything to Do With Her Brother Who is the 7Th Heroin Addict I Discuss in this Blog. What a Shame, What a Mess, and it Continues on in the World of Heroin Addiction. The Internet States That About 50% of Heroin Addicts Work and the Other 50% Are not Employed. So The Heroin Habit Can Costs $600 to $2000 a Month or Even More. Many Times The Source of Income to Supply the Dope Comes From Crime. You May Deal With Dope Addiction in the Future, Either as a Parent, Friend or Employer. Addiction is Everywhere. Be Aware, Become Informed. A New Cure is Listed on My Blog. If You Need Help or Know Someone That Does, Take a Minute and Find Out How to Cure Any Addiction, Cheap, at Home. Thank You For Reading My Blog. I Will Add Updates Weekly.

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