Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Life Became Full of Heroin Addicts. The Person, I Call Him Heroin Addict Number 7, as I Don't Want to Reveal His Name, He is Around 30 Years Old. He Had A Plan To Lower The Cost Of His Heroin Habit, Not To Reduce the Habit But To Get It Cheaper. Here's What He Did = He Made a Deal To Get a 2 Week Supply of the Drug For 50% Off So He Would Have Money Left To Rent a Room Out Of His Paycheck. He Was Homeless, Living in a Car, Not His Car as he Owned nothing. Well, the Plan Didn't Work. He Used Up The 2 Week Supply in 4 Days. Yep, 4 Days. Then Becoming More Addicted To additional Hits. So Therefore , the Plan Backfired. The Bad News is = He Has Fallen Deeper into the World of Addiction, it's been going on in his life 10-15 years. Then the Good News, Yesterday He Got a Roof Over His Head For the First Time in a long While. He Has a Nice Place to Stay Now. This Was Donated To Him to Help Him Out. Of Course, There Are Rules He Must Abide By To Continue to Live there For Free. We Will See How He Does On This Deal. I Am Not Involved in the Situation in Any Way. I Have Found Many Times By Giving Him A Break In Many Ways = That He Could Not Be Trusted At All. Example, A Few Months Back, He Said He Needed The Car To Go Down The Street and Would Be Right Back. Yea, Well He Was On A Crime Spree, He Went To Jail For a Few Weeks, the Car Was Impounded. Cost Lot's of Money to Get it Back. That's the Second Time It Happened. Much More Happen, I'm Not Going to Go Into Detail. I Think You Get the General Idea of the No Trust Factor. So He Does Some Work Sometimes and That Is About It. I Am Glad He Has A Place To Stay, I Hope He Doesn't Take Advantage Of It. Time Will Tell. He Has No Interest In Quitting Dope. There Is No Motivation In That Direction At This Time. I Will Keep Updates On This Story In the Future. If He Doesn't Change in the Near Future, He Will likely End Up In Prison Long Term. Continue To Read This Blog If You Are Interested In A Cure. It's Cheap, At Home Cure For Any Addiction. People Are Having Great Results.

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