Friday, March 15, 2013

Heroin Street Junkies, That is What They Call Each Other, Are Beginning to Make Progress

Heroin Street Junkies, That is What They Call Each Other, Are Beginning to Make Progress In the Right Direction. They Refer to Themselves as Street Junkie Because They Live on the Streets, Mostly. It Is No Life. I Know About a Dozen Of Them Now. I Met Them As They Applied For Odd Jobs I Had Available. To Tell the Truth,Most Of Them Did Not Work and Would Steal From Me Instead. Not a Good Experience. I Do Wish Them Well, They Are People With A Serious Heroin Addiction Always Struggling For A Way Out. This Seems To Be A Common Problem and Is Spreading. Sad But True. Addiction Took Over Their Entire Life. Destroyed Their Values and Left Each and Every One of Them A Shell Of Their Former Selves. They Must Have Their Drugs Everyday Or They Become Very Sick. So Not Employed and No Housing, They Commit Crime and Do Time In Jail. Then They Get Out and Do It All Over Again. Yes, The Behavior Continues Most Of Their Lives For Some. I Have Seen Them On My Porch With Their Bodies Twisted and Riddled With Pain. Not A Pretty Sight, I Assure You. This Town Has A Drug Problem and A Lot Of Towns Do. There Is Rehab Here and Plenty Of Free Food Provided By the Churches. The Homeless Centers, There Are Several Usually Require Drug Testing To Get In and Stay For Even A Night. The City Has Over A Thousand Empty Homes. The City Plans To Tear Down A Thousand Homes In A Thousand Days. So Where Do These Street Junkies Live? Here, There, Where ever. A Friend For A Night, An Empty Building, the Streets. These Heroin Addicts Have Nothing In Their Lives To Look Forward To, Except the Next Fix. Most People Are Done With Them Because They Steal From Everyone. I Do Want To Add That the Dozen Heroin Addicts I Have Encountered Are Not Violent. They Don't Have Weapons Or Commit Violent Crime. Their Background In Jail Was For Theft. When They Get Desperate Enough to Hit the Stores up, They Sometimes Get Caught. It Is Very Hard For Any Of Them To Find Or Keep Employment. So the Cycle goes On. A Couple Of These Junkies Have Become EX-JUNKIES. Two Of the Guys Got Off the Dope After Being Addicted For Many Years. They No Longer Commit Crime. One Is Working and Maintaining Steady Employment. The Other Is Filling Out Job Applications Every Day, I Know This For A Fact. Available Jobs Run Background Checks In This City. It Is No Piece of Cake Trying To Find Employment With A Past Record. The Odds Are Stacked Against Them In Trying To Create A More Stable Life. No One Wants To Rent To Them Either, More Background Checks. It's Becomes An Uphill Battle To Join the Masses That Work and Enjoy Housing. No Easy Task. You Have Heard the Saying = Where There's A Will There's A Way. That Seems To Apply Here. The Mindset Is Very Important, You Have To Want To Change and Improve Your Life To Make It Happen. Explore Your Options and Do Not Give Up. I See the Improvement In Two Of Them and Know the Other Person Will Get A Job As Well. They Have Both Made the Decision To Have A Full and Meaningful Life. It Is Happening. The Other Ten Heroin Addicts, Nine Are Slowing Down On Their Habit To Very Little Trying To Wean Themselves Off Of Dope. These People Saw The Two That Did Well Stopping Dope, Jail Time, and Crime.This Seems To Be Their Motivation. One Still Remains Very Much On the Path Of Destruction. The Rest Of Them Now Stay Away From Him. He Is Not Ready To Change Yet. All !2 Had Been Through Rehab Many Times, It Did Not Work For Any Of Them Changing Their Mindset Shifted Their Behavior In A Better Direction. I Will Continue To Inform You As More Happens. Thank You For Reading.