Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ike Is Back In Jail. We Don't Know Why. He Seldom Stops Watching TV and Internet and Playing Games Since He Got Out. So Can't Imagine How He Got In Any Trouble. He Is 34 Years Old and Does't Want To Work, Just Wants To Play. Always Lives Off Of Other People To Support Him. Not Sure How Long He Is In For This Time. Of Course He Took My Phone Again. Cops Don't Want To Give It Back Again. Last Time He Took the Phone, the Police Said It Wasn't At the Station. Of Course It Was and They Kept It 45 Days, So Had To Buy a New One. So This Time Had To Switch the Number To Another Phone, As Ike Won't Sign Papers To Release Phone To Us. Ike Seems To Have Some Type Of Obsessive Phone Attachment To Phones When There On and Even When The Phone is Turned Off. Ike Lives With A Phone On Him Always and Can't Part With One. Odd I Know, But That's the Way It Is. In the Past His Live Was That Of a Heroin Addict and Crime. Well, I Will Let You Know When I Have More Information On This Story. ====================================================================================================================== Myron Got Out Of Jail Last Friday With A Chip On His Shoulder and a Real Attitude. He Said He Wanted To Work, Then Stood Around All Day and Did Nothing and Got Paid. We Had A Clash Of Words and He Left. Myron Lives Free Up Over the Church, Everything Provided For Him. Never Supported Himself and In the Past All Money Was Spent On Drugs, Heroin. He Is 30 Years Old. His Entire Life Was Of Crime and Heroin Addiction Abuse. I Will Continue With the Story As Things Progress. Check Back Into the World Of Heroin Addiction and How It Effects Peoples Lives and Those Around Them.

Monday, October 15, 2012

I Have Been Told That Myron Rats Out His Dealers and People Taking Drugs and Tells On Everyone To the Police and That's How He Get's A Lighter Sentence. That Really Does Not Sound Like A Safe Thing To Be Doing, But Then It's His Life. Unlike His Friend Ike Who Is Grumpy and Acts Like A Spoiled Child. Myron Has A Great Personality To the Point No One Would Ever Believe That He Would Rat and Tell the Cops On Anyone. Myron Acts like He Is Everyone's Best Buddy, and Everyone Thinks He Is Their Friend. When Actually Myron Appears To Be Jealous Of Others and Does What He Can Behind the Scenes To Destroy Them. Myron Is A Smart Young Man Just Turned 30 years Old. Very Criminal Minded, and Always Back On Heroin Within 72 Hours Of Jail Release Every Time. ======= Myron Needs To Think About His Life, He Could End Up In Prison. I Mean Is Heroin Worth It ? Is Crime Worth It ? Is Anything Worth Spending Years In Prison ? It Can All Be Avoided, the Choice Is His, Let's See If He Has Learned His Lesson. Myron Told Another Inmate, He Is Not Giving Up His Heroin and Crime Lifestyle. Well, Then If That Happens, Myron's Freedom Could Be Snatched From Him With A Prison Sentence. I Mean How Many Times Is the System Going To Continue To Look the other Way and let Myron Off ? Maybe This Is It For Him, He Might Want To Think Twice About His Future : That Is If he Intends To Have One. I May Be Talking To Him This Sunday Or Monday To Hear What's On His Mind. Please Check Back, See If This Guy Is Going To Tow the Line and Get Real With His Life, Or Slip Back Into Darkness.
Ike Is Working About One Half Hour A Day 3 To 4 Days A Week. Yep That's It, and That's All They Can Get Out Of Him Right Now. Trying To Condition Ike To Work, Almost Seems To Be A Bigger Hurdle Then It Was To Get Him Off the Dope and Crime. So We Will See How It Goes. ===================== Myron, Another Heroin Addict Get's Out Of Jail This Saturday. We Will See If Myron Get's Ike Back On Heroin and Crime Spree's. Myron, Who Has No Intention Of Giving Up Drugs or Crime to Pay For the Habit. Myron Seems To Thrive By Getting People Back On Drugs and Crime, Quite the Leader. Myron Will Work but Will Not Support Himself and Leaves That To Everyone Else As Their Problem. Myron Will Not Support His 2 year Old Daughter Or See Her. Of Course Ike and Myron Are Friends. ===========How These Guys Keep Getting Out Of Jail In Such A Short Period Of Time and Off the Hook, No One Really Knows As They Are Already On Probation When They Get Arrested For Theft. Over and over It Keeps Happening. Heroin, Theft, Jail. Although Most Of the Time They Don't Even Get Caught For Most Of What They Do, As It's Gone On For Many Years. =============== I Will Continue To Write the Story as It Unfolds. I Can't help But Wonder When All Their Lucky Breaks Will End. At Which Point, They Themselves Will Need To Comes To Terms With Who They Are and What They do. ======= I Now Know These Two Well and They Are Always Entertaining Themselves With Pleasure in One Form or Another. Any Type Of Responsibility Is Not In There Mindset, At Least At This Time. What Will the Future Hold For Them? ======= The Other 7 Addicts, 6 Are In Jail and 1 Is Hiding Out Somewhere. As More Information Comes In, I Will Post It On My Blog. The World Of Heroin Is Not A Pretty Place. Please keep That In Mind, It's Simply Not Worth It. Could Be A Wild Week End Coming Up. Time Will Tell.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Off the Dope, Out Of jail Trying To Learn How To Build A Life. This Addict, I'll Call Him Ike, Now In His Middle 30's. He Was Off Drugs and Worked About 2 Months In His Entire Life Many Years Ago. This Will Be A Whole New Path To Living A Normal Life, Not An Easy Task For Someone Who Never Really Tried To Have A Real Future. Very Lucky Not To Be Dead From All the Times He Overdosed and Got Saved. Has Had many breaks From Lot's Of People. So This Time It May Be Do Or Die As All the Crime Is Getting In The Way Of His Life. Still On Probation and Expected To Comply, Ike Will Be Doing A Little Work This Week With Very Few Hours/ Just To Help Pay For His Needs. This Will Continue To Be Taken Care Of For Ike, As Handing Him Money Right Now Might Not Work Out. He Agrees. Counting Ike's Jail Time, He Has Been Not Using For A Total Of 63 Days. Ike Does Seem Some What Lost As Ike Has Done Crime and Not Use to Paying For Anything. So i Will Let You Know How It Goes. ===================== Another Addict, I'll Call Him Myron, Get's Out the 26'th Of This month. Myron Is A Leader, Say's He Will Never Quit Heroin and Commits Crime to Pay For the habit. So We Will See What's Happens With Him, I Will Let You Know.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Addict Stopping Heroin Addiction, and Crime. The Story Continues as One of the Addicts Released From Jail and on Probation Given Another Chance, One of Many. Here Is What's Going on in His Life. He is Not Using Heroin.----He is Not Doing Crime. ---- But, Also == He is Not Working ---- He is Not Looking For Work. ---- He is Not Taking Up any Hobbies. ---- He is Not Doing Anything Productive With His Time. ---- He is Not Appreciative of Anything Freely Offered. ---- He is Not Being Helpful in any Way to anyone. ================= He Is Getting A Free Place to Stay, Free Meals, His Laundry Done, Free Cigarettes, Free Internet, Free Movies and Music and use of a Cell Phone, and Being Driven Around In a Van For His Drug Testing and anywhere else He Needs to Go. This is By People Who Took Him In, Not the System or Friends or Relatives. The System Put him Out of Jail at Midnight a Couple of Weeks Ago. Ok, So the First Week, He would Get Mad When ever He Was Ask To Help Out Around the House. His Reaction Was To Throw Fits and Throw Things. He Stopped That When He Almost Got Thrown to the Curb ( meaning ask to leave)========= Now He Has Settled In, Doing Nothing To Help Out, Getting His Meals Served in His Room ( he does't cook or do dishes) , Seems To Have Settled In and Is Quite Content. This is a Decent Family Helping Him, and Are Hoping That Sometime In the Future He Will Have Some Input In Adjusting To A More Productive Life. He Has Been Taken Out To Ponderosa For Dinner and Not Even a Thank You From Him. ---- This Do Nothing, Getting Supported Has Always Been His Life. This Is the Way He Has Been Conditioned, So He Knows No Other Life. I Will Give Future Update On What Happens In His Life. Check Back on This Blog For More Stories About Him and the Other 8 Heroin Addicts as Information Becomes Available. .