Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ike Is Back In Jail. We Don't Know Why. He Seldom Stops Watching TV and Internet and Playing Games Since He Got Out. So Can't Imagine How He Got In Any Trouble. He Is 34 Years Old and Does't Want To Work, Just Wants To Play. Always Lives Off Of Other People To Support Him. Not Sure How Long He Is In For This Time. Of Course He Took My Phone Again. Cops Don't Want To Give It Back Again. Last Time He Took the Phone, the Police Said It Wasn't At the Station. Of Course It Was and They Kept It 45 Days, So Had To Buy a New One. So This Time Had To Switch the Number To Another Phone, As Ike Won't Sign Papers To Release Phone To Us. Ike Seems To Have Some Type Of Obsessive Phone Attachment To Phones When There On and Even When The Phone is Turned Off. Ike Lives With A Phone On Him Always and Can't Part With One. Odd I Know, But That's the Way It Is. In the Past His Live Was That Of a Heroin Addict and Crime. Well, I Will Let You Know When I Have More Information On This Story. ====================================================================================================================== Myron Got Out Of Jail Last Friday With A Chip On His Shoulder and a Real Attitude. He Said He Wanted To Work, Then Stood Around All Day and Did Nothing and Got Paid. We Had A Clash Of Words and He Left. Myron Lives Free Up Over the Church, Everything Provided For Him. Never Supported Himself and In the Past All Money Was Spent On Drugs, Heroin. He Is 30 Years Old. His Entire Life Was Of Crime and Heroin Addiction Abuse. I Will Continue With the Story As Things Progress. Check Back Into the World Of Heroin Addiction and How It Effects Peoples Lives and Those Around Them.

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