Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Addict Stopping Heroin Addiction, and Crime. The Story Continues as One of the Addicts Released From Jail and on Probation Given Another Chance, One of Many. Here Is What's Going on in His Life. He is Not Using Heroin.----He is Not Doing Crime. ---- But, Also == He is Not Working ---- He is Not Looking For Work. ---- He is Not Taking Up any Hobbies. ---- He is Not Doing Anything Productive With His Time. ---- He is Not Appreciative of Anything Freely Offered. ---- He is Not Being Helpful in any Way to anyone. ================= He Is Getting A Free Place to Stay, Free Meals, His Laundry Done, Free Cigarettes, Free Internet, Free Movies and Music and use of a Cell Phone, and Being Driven Around In a Van For His Drug Testing and anywhere else He Needs to Go. This is By People Who Took Him In, Not the System or Friends or Relatives. The System Put him Out of Jail at Midnight a Couple of Weeks Ago. Ok, So the First Week, He would Get Mad When ever He Was Ask To Help Out Around the House. His Reaction Was To Throw Fits and Throw Things. He Stopped That When He Almost Got Thrown to the Curb ( meaning ask to leave)========= Now He Has Settled In, Doing Nothing To Help Out, Getting His Meals Served in His Room ( he does't cook or do dishes) , Seems To Have Settled In and Is Quite Content. This is a Decent Family Helping Him, and Are Hoping That Sometime In the Future He Will Have Some Input In Adjusting To A More Productive Life. He Has Been Taken Out To Ponderosa For Dinner and Not Even a Thank You From Him. ---- This Do Nothing, Getting Supported Has Always Been His Life. This Is the Way He Has Been Conditioned, So He Knows No Other Life. I Will Give Future Update On What Happens In His Life. Check Back on This Blog For More Stories About Him and the Other 8 Heroin Addicts as Information Becomes Available. .

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