Monday, October 15, 2012

I Have Been Told That Myron Rats Out His Dealers and People Taking Drugs and Tells On Everyone To the Police and That's How He Get's A Lighter Sentence. That Really Does Not Sound Like A Safe Thing To Be Doing, But Then It's His Life. Unlike His Friend Ike Who Is Grumpy and Acts Like A Spoiled Child. Myron Has A Great Personality To the Point No One Would Ever Believe That He Would Rat and Tell the Cops On Anyone. Myron Acts like He Is Everyone's Best Buddy, and Everyone Thinks He Is Their Friend. When Actually Myron Appears To Be Jealous Of Others and Does What He Can Behind the Scenes To Destroy Them. Myron Is A Smart Young Man Just Turned 30 years Old. Very Criminal Minded, and Always Back On Heroin Within 72 Hours Of Jail Release Every Time. ======= Myron Needs To Think About His Life, He Could End Up In Prison. I Mean Is Heroin Worth It ? Is Crime Worth It ? Is Anything Worth Spending Years In Prison ? It Can All Be Avoided, the Choice Is His, Let's See If He Has Learned His Lesson. Myron Told Another Inmate, He Is Not Giving Up His Heroin and Crime Lifestyle. Well, Then If That Happens, Myron's Freedom Could Be Snatched From Him With A Prison Sentence. I Mean How Many Times Is the System Going To Continue To Look the other Way and let Myron Off ? Maybe This Is It For Him, He Might Want To Think Twice About His Future : That Is If he Intends To Have One. I May Be Talking To Him This Sunday Or Monday To Hear What's On His Mind. Please Check Back, See If This Guy Is Going To Tow the Line and Get Real With His Life, Or Slip Back Into Darkness.

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