Monday, October 15, 2012

Ike Is Working About One Half Hour A Day 3 To 4 Days A Week. Yep That's It, and That's All They Can Get Out Of Him Right Now. Trying To Condition Ike To Work, Almost Seems To Be A Bigger Hurdle Then It Was To Get Him Off the Dope and Crime. So We Will See How It Goes. ===================== Myron, Another Heroin Addict Get's Out Of Jail This Saturday. We Will See If Myron Get's Ike Back On Heroin and Crime Spree's. Myron, Who Has No Intention Of Giving Up Drugs or Crime to Pay For the Habit. Myron Seems To Thrive By Getting People Back On Drugs and Crime, Quite the Leader. Myron Will Work but Will Not Support Himself and Leaves That To Everyone Else As Their Problem. Myron Will Not Support His 2 year Old Daughter Or See Her. Of Course Ike and Myron Are Friends. ===========How These Guys Keep Getting Out Of Jail In Such A Short Period Of Time and Off the Hook, No One Really Knows As They Are Already On Probation When They Get Arrested For Theft. Over and over It Keeps Happening. Heroin, Theft, Jail. Although Most Of the Time They Don't Even Get Caught For Most Of What They Do, As It's Gone On For Many Years. =============== I Will Continue To Write the Story as It Unfolds. I Can't help But Wonder When All Their Lucky Breaks Will End. At Which Point, They Themselves Will Need To Comes To Terms With Who They Are and What They do. ======= I Now Know These Two Well and They Are Always Entertaining Themselves With Pleasure in One Form or Another. Any Type Of Responsibility Is Not In There Mindset, At Least At This Time. What Will the Future Hold For Them? ======= The Other 7 Addicts, 6 Are In Jail and 1 Is Hiding Out Somewhere. As More Information Comes In, I Will Post It On My Blog. The World Of Heroin Is Not A Pretty Place. Please keep That In Mind, It's Simply Not Worth It. Could Be A Wild Week End Coming Up. Time Will Tell.

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