Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Off the Dope, Out Of jail Trying To Learn How To Build A Life. This Addict, I'll Call Him Ike, Now In His Middle 30's. He Was Off Drugs and Worked About 2 Months In His Entire Life Many Years Ago. This Will Be A Whole New Path To Living A Normal Life, Not An Easy Task For Someone Who Never Really Tried To Have A Real Future. Very Lucky Not To Be Dead From All the Times He Overdosed and Got Saved. Has Had many breaks From Lot's Of People. So This Time It May Be Do Or Die As All the Crime Is Getting In The Way Of His Life. Still On Probation and Expected To Comply, Ike Will Be Doing A Little Work This Week With Very Few Hours/ Just To Help Pay For His Needs. This Will Continue To Be Taken Care Of For Ike, As Handing Him Money Right Now Might Not Work Out. He Agrees. Counting Ike's Jail Time, He Has Been Not Using For A Total Of 63 Days. Ike Does Seem Some What Lost As Ike Has Done Crime and Not Use to Paying For Anything. So i Will Let You Know How It Goes. ===================== Another Addict, I'll Call Him Myron, Get's Out the 26'th Of This month. Myron Is A Leader, Say's He Will Never Quit Heroin and Commits Crime to Pay For the habit. So We Will See What's Happens With Him, I Will Let You Know.

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