Saturday, August 25, 2012

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  1. Sorry celia but im an addict and ive been rehab 3 times learnt lots about addiction through life and education and i can tell u there is sadly no 'cure' there r interventions but abstinence based recovery is the only way. Even then the condition of been a addict is a lifelong one even 'recovered' addicts r always at risk of relapse, like alcoholics. I realise that u aim to help but ur cure page is just a clicbank money making venture but as any addict knows theres no magic cure. Tbh most dont even want one

    1. Thank You For Your Comment. My Reply = Recovered Addicts Are At Risk Of Relapse Because Of Their Mental Addiction. This Of Course, Must Be Uprooted From their Minds. This Program Does This and More. The Results Speak For Them self. The Recovery Programs You Are Talking About Are Making Very Positive Comments On the Site itself, If You Read The Entire Page. , it Goes Beyond the 12 Step Program That Teaches You To Control Addiction To Provide the Missing Link That Cures the Mental Addiction. Clickbank is Well Known and Trusted To Make Refunds To any Unhappy Customers. I Wish You All The Best in the Future. I Hope You Can Keep An Open Mind and Maybe Try New Things to Improve Your Life. There Are Always New Discoveries Being Made From People That Have Been There and Done That and Found a Better Way.