Thursday, September 6, 2012

Drug Addiction in Russia Facts ======= There are around 2.5 Million People in Russia who are Addicted to Illegal Drugs, According to the Russian Government. 90 percent of the Drug Addicts are Addicted to Heroin. The Country of Russia Consumes 70 Tons of Heroin. = The Amount of Heroin Used by Russians is over 1/5 of the World’s total Heroin Supply. 80 People in Russia Die Every Day Due to Overdosing on Heroin. == This is Very Sad, and is a Problem Worldwide. = I Will Be Posting Information on Other Countries in the Next Few Weeks. ==== There is a New Way To Cure Addiction Listed on This Site, Where It Say's Cure Any Addiction. = This is Located a Few Articles Down. = If You Are An Addict or Know Someone Who Is, Then This is A Must Read; To Get Rid of Addiction and Start Living a Wonderful Life. ===

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