Friday, September 21, 2012

Kicking Heroin Addition, After Jail time. One of the Addicts is Out of Jail and on Probation, He has to Take Drug testing Every Week. If He Fails a Drug Test, It's Back to Jail and Maybe Prison Time. So It's Very Important For Him to Stay off the Dope, or Spend Years in Confinement, Giving Up His Freedom. He Has served Jail time Many Times in the Past and Just Didn't Want to Change His Lifestyle. That Mindset Has Now Changed. Say's He is Done With This Type of Living. Near His middle 30's, Wants to End Heroin Addiction. Putting His Best Foot Forward, With Extreme Motivation, He Really Seems to Be headed in the Right Direction This Time. See's That There are Many Hurdles to Climb, But Totally Determined to Succeed and Break Free of Heroin Addiction Once and For All. Never Having Lived a Normal Life, By Working and Supporting Himself. Never Having to Think About Much of Anything as He Stay Stoned on Drugs Mostly. Never Doing Much of Any Type of Activity, Even For Pleasure. Just Laying Around All the Time So Totally Doped Up, Never Really Living Life in General. All This Considered, Sounds Like Giving Up Drugs Could Be Easier Than Learning to Live and Function in Life; Having Never Done it in the Past. Almost Like Learning to Walk For the First Time, Then Run, So on and So Forth. Like a Child in School. He Knows He Has a Lot to Overcome, But at Least is More Than Willing to Give it His Best Shot. Released From Jail at Midnight and Homeless, Someone Has Taken Him In, not a Family Member or a Friend. I Am Happy For Him and So Hope He Makes It Out of the Day to Day Nightmare of His Past. I Will Update Information as it Becomes available. Check Back on this Blog About All 9 Heroin Addicts to See How Their Lives Progress in the Future. So Far One of the Others is Working 4 Days a Week. One is Hiding Out, The Rest Are in Jail For Now. There's Unrest and Drama in These Stories, The World of Heroin Addiction is Not A Pretty Place.

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