Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Celebrities Who Used Heroin, Some Even Lost Their Lives Due to the Use of Heroin.----------------------John Belushi--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Janis Joplin---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- River Phoenix--------------------------------------------------------------- Jim Morrison----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Brad Renfro-------------------------------------------------------------- Ray Charles ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paula Yates ---------------------------------------------------------- This is Only a handful of Famous people who Used, were Addicted to, or May have Died as a Result of Heroin. Please Don't Use Heroin. If You are on Heroin, You Could be Endangering Your Life. Get Off the Drug as Soon as You Can, as that Will Send Your Life in a Whole New Direction. You Can Live a Wonderful Life. There is Help. A Cure on this Blog for Any Addiction, it's Cheap, at Home. Check it Out. Take Action Now and Live the Life You Have Been Dreaming About.

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