Thursday, September 6, 2012

Heroin is an Extremely Dangerous Drug, with the Potential to Inflict Considerable Physical, Social and Emotional Damage on Those who Abuse or become Addicted to It. =================================== Increases in Heroin-Related Medical Emergencies, Arrests, and Crime Indicate that Heroin Consumption Remains a Growing Problem Throughout the World. ======================================================================================== The UN Drug Control Program estimates that there are some 8 million heroin abusers worldwide ======================================================================================== Although heroin use remains less prevalent than cannabis, it accounts for a greater percentage of drug-related health problems and criminal activity. There are an estimated 2 million Heroin Users in the United States, with some 600,000 to 800,000 Considered Hardcore Addicts ================================================================================================================================================================================ A WORLDWIDE EPIDEMIC OF ADDICTION ========================================================================================= Russia has one of the Worst Addiction Rates for Heroin in the World, People Die Everyday From Heroin Overdose.========================================================================================== Heroin Addiction is Often Associated with a Criminal Lifestyle, as Many Addicts Lose Their Work Ethic and Drive Themselves, to an Addictive Lifestyle. Many turn to Criminal Activities to Support their Drug Addictions. Many Heroin Addicts = Live High Risk lifestyles, Due to Heroin Use Itself Which Can Result in Overdose or Fatal Reaction to Some Substance That was Used to Cut the Heroin. Yet, More risk Comes From Sharing Needles.== Get Rid Of Addiction, Learn How, On This Blog ========

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