Saturday, September 8, 2012

Addiction, Crime, Jail Time, Here We Go Again. Breakdown, Lives of These Heroin Addicts. === Heroin Addict #1 30 Year Old Male Not Working , Had To Relocate as So Many People were After Him Because He Kept Stealing From Them. ======= Heroin Addict #2 Is In Jail, 30 Years Old Male Not Working, Put In jail again By His 65 year Old Parents. He Keeps Coming to Their House Drunk and High On Heroin, Yelling and Busting Things Up. He's Homeless. His Folks Let Him Stay There When He Comes Home Without an Attitude, Otherwise They Call the Police, and He Spends the Night in Jail. Happens All the Time. ======= Heroin Addict #3 25 Year Old Male Not Working. Stands and Sits on the Side Walk For Weeks at a Time, Rain or Shine. A Heroin Addict Who Seems to be in a Complete Daze Most of the Time. Does Nothing With His Life But Stays Doped Up 24/7 5 Days a Week. Oddly Enough, He Got a Call For A Job, 4 Days a Week. Good Luck to Him. Lives With His Sister and Her Children On Week ends, But is Welcome There All The Time. ======= Heroin Addict #4 The Mother Age 40 Not Working. Left Her Kids 4 Years Ago, Disappeared or is Hiding Out, as Her Husband is in Jail Again. ======= He is Heroin Addict #5 Age 45 Not Working, Dumped His Kids 4 Years Ago, When Heroin Became More Important to Him Than His Family.. After Getting Out of a Mental Ward Recently, Now in Jail. The Children Are Around 9 and 11 now, Being Raised By Their Grandparents. ======= Heroin Addict #6 Male 30 Years Old Not Working Back in Jail For Theft, then Will Do Rehab Program and Living Arrangement Again. This is Been Going On For the last 15 Years of His Life. ======= Heroin Addict #7 Male 30 Years Old Not Working. Pretty Much Repeat of the Above. In Jail For Theft, Then Rehab or Maybe Prison This Time. Been Going on Around 15 Years of His Life. Has a 2 Year Old Child, He Doesn't See or Support Even Though There is a Court Order For Child Support. Mostly Sad News Due to Heroin Addiction for These Folks. == Here's Some Good News. You Can CURE Any Addiction, Cheap, at HOME. You Got to See This.== This same method can work for ANYBODY... regardless of circumstances. == GUARANTEES RESULTS. Gets Top Reviews. Saves Lives.====

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