Sunday, September 16, 2012

Heroin Abuse, 9 Addicts in My Life. It All Started With 6, Then 7, Heroin Addicts Entering My Pathway Looking For Work. Only One Would Work. Then Came Two More With the Same Problem, For Another Reason. As the Story Continues, What Followed Was Shocking. # 8= and # 9= Were Suddenly Standing in Front of My House. # 8= 19 Years Old, is the Sister of # 7 =and # 9 = is Her Boyfriend.=== Recap of What Happened in the Past. # 7 Was Homeless at the Tender Age of 2 Years With His Father Who Was Then a Heroin Addict. # 7 , Just Got His 19 Year Old Sister # 8 = back on Heroin After She Went Through Rehab and was Clean For Two Months. ==========================Well, To Cut Through the Chase, Here's the Story. Numbers 6, 7, 8, and 9 Were Out Front of My house. My Grandchild, Age 5 at the Time Was Playing in My Front Yard, As I Watch From the Window. Next Thing I Know, a Car Pulls Up. Yep, a Delivery For the Four People About 5 foot From the curb. An Exchange Was Made, Took About 4 Seconds. Although I Didn't See What the Exchange Was, I Knew. ====================== These 4 People Then Run To My Backyard, Oh Yes, As My Grandchild Runs After Them To See What They Are Doing. Somehow I Felt 30 Years Younger in Seconds. I Moved Through the House Like a Bolt of Lightening, Faster You Can Imagine. So I Fling Open the Back Door so Hard, as if I Had Some Type of Bodybuilder Power Source. (Please Keep In Mind, I'm Actually 63 Years Old. All the 9 Addicts Are Between 25 to 34 Years Old.) Well I'm Livid, Meaning I'm So Mad I Could Spit Nails. I Looked At the 4 of Them In My Back Yard and I Spoke. Listen Up, I Have Something to Say and Don't Anyone and I Mean Anyone Say a Word Back to Me. Yelling, I Looked At # 8 (sister), Don't You Ever Conduct Your Business in Front of My Home Again. Still Yelling As I Looked At # 7 = Do Not Ever Make a Deal Within Seeing Distance Of My Home, Or I Will Go Out and Get the Plate Number Off the Car and End Your Little Party. No One Said a Word Back to Me, I Did Get Some Dirty Looks As They Moved On To Another Location Off My Property. ================== My Grandchild Wanted To Know what It Was All About, So I Said, Grandma Doesn't Like Strange Cars At My House . Most Of the 9 Addicts are in Jail Now For Theft.. The Sentences In Jail Usually Run 6 Weeks To 3 Months Each for Them. Of Course They are Repeat Offenders and On Probation. This is the World of the Heroin Life For This Group Of 9.========================================================================= I Will Continue To Run Updates Of Their Lives. Heroin Addiction Is Bad News. If Your Not Using, Please Don't Start. If You Think You Can Handle It, Trust Me, You Can't. If You Are Already On It, Get Off Of it. It Destroys Lives. =======================You Can Be Cured From Any Addiction, In Your Own Home and it's Very Affordable. A Proven Method Is Listed On This Blog Site. Just Click Below To Get Help For You or a Loved One. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> > >

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